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WDC 65C134 Microcontroller

The Western Design Center (WDC) W65C134S microcomputer is a complete fully static 8-bit computer fabricated on a single chip using a low power CMOS process. The W65C134S complements an established and growing line of 65xx products and has a wide range of microcomputer applications. The W65C134S has been developed for Hi-Rel applications, and where minimum power is required.

The W65C134S consists of a W65C02S (Static) Central Processing Unit (CPU), 4096 bytes of Read Only Memory (ROM), 192 bytes of Random Access Memory (RAM), two 16 bit timers, a low power Serial Interface Bus (SIB) configured as a token passing Local Area Network, Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter (UART) with baud rate timer, one 16-bit "Monitor Watch-Dog Timer" with "restart" interrupt, twenty-two priority encoded interrupts, ICE Interface, Real-Time clock features including Time of Day (ToD) clock, Bus Control Register (BCR) for external memory bus control, interface circuitry for peripheral devices, and many low power features.

The innovative architecture and the demonstrated high performance of the W65C02S CPU, as well as instruction simplicity, result in system cost-effectiveness and a wide range of computational power. These features make the W65C134S a leading candidate for Hi-Rel and other microcomputer applications.

This product description assumes that the reader is familiar with the W65C02S CPU hardware and programming capabilities. Refer to the W65C02S Data Sheet for additional information.

Features of the W65C134S[edit]

  • CMOS low power process
  • Operating TA= -40EC to +85EC
  • Single 2.8V to 5.5V power supply
  • Static to 8MHz clock operation
  • W65C02S compatible CPU
  • 8-bit parallel processing
  • Variable length stack
  • True indexing capability
  • Fifteen addressing modes
  • Decimal or binary arithmetic
  • Pipeline architecture
  • Fully static CPU
  • Single chip microcomputer
  • Many power saving features
  • 56 CMOS compatible I/O lines
  • 4096 x 8 ROM on chip
  • 192 x 8 RAM on chip
  • Low power modes
  • WAIt for interrupt
  • SToP the clock
  • Fast oscillator start and stop feature
  • Twenty-two priority encoded interrupts
  • BRK software interrupt
  • RESET "RESTART" interrupt
  • NMIB Non-Maskable Interrupt input
  • SIB Interrupt
  • IRQ1B level interrupt input
  • IRQ2B level interrupt input
  • 2 timer edge interrupts
  • 7 positive edge interrupt inputs
  • 5 negative edge interrupt inputs
  • Asynchronous Receiver Interrupt
  • Asynchronous Transmitter Interrupt
  • UART 7/8-bit w/wo odd or even parity
  • 16M byte segmented address space
  • 64K byte linear address space
  • 4 x 16 bit timer/counter
  • Bus control register for external memory
  • Internal or external ROM
  • 8 Decoded Chip Select outputs
  • Surface mount 68 and 80 lead packages
  • Real time clock features
  • Third party tools available
  • Time of Day (ToD) clock features

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