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"WD Anywhere Access" also known as "WD Anywhere Access Powered by MioNet" and "MioNet", is a "remote access" product produced by Western Digital. MioNet was originally a product of Palo Alto based Senvid. Western Digital purchased the assets of Senvid in 2007.

The product is composed of a server and client program. The service program is preinstalled on a Western Digital NAS, such as the "MyBook World Edition", with 3 interface methods available to the user, specifically; Start, Stop, Reset.

Upon starting, the service establishes a connection across the Internet with MioNet. The client program is distributed in 2 formats, as a Java applet, and an installable program. Both client formats can connect to the server, across a LAN or across the Internet, after first connecting to MioNet. The installable client program is initially required to register and associate the NAS with a MioNet account. MioNet then facilitates all connections to the NAS service. Once connected, the client may upload or download files to the NAS.

"WD Anywhere Access" additionally offers premium subscription services such as "remote desktop" similar to VNC, and "Remote PC Drive" similar to FTP. These service are also available through a MioNet premium subscription.


According to complaints posted on many of the internet discussion boards, the MioNet product also has a reputation for intermittently dropping access to the network drive through the MioNet utility. Many users who do not want or need access to their files from remote locations have carefully removed MioNet from their My Book World II storage network servers.

Termination of Service[edit]

On 26 February 2015, WD notified its MioNet customers that the service will be terminated 31 March 2016. New subscriptions will not be accepted as of March 2015. Month to month customers will have free access during the period. No reason was cited for the termination and no flow on service was announced.

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