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For the American channel, see WE tv.
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WE TV is the third TV channel from Malayalam Communications Ltd (MCL), in Kerala and based at Kochi. The other two channels of MCL are Kairali TV and People TV. WE TV is mainly aimed at the youth and was officially launched on 14 April 2007. Mr. Somakumar, Director (Programmes), is in charge of the channel. WE TV is one of the main channels in Malayalam, which is fully dedicated to the youth of Kerala.

Currently, Padmashree Mammootty, a leading film actor in Malayalam, holds the post of Chairman of MCL.

Over the past decades, Kairali TV became one of the favourite TV channels of Keralites world over, with its balanced blend of infotainment. Kairali's success through the earnest support of their viewers and associates, made Malayalam Communications ltd. realize the need for an exclusive channel for the youth segment of Kerala which had vast potential to grow. And under the vision and captaincy of MCL's versatile Chairman, Padmasree Mammootty, and the proactive thinking of MCL's Managing Director John Brittas, WE Channel was a gift for the most enterprising youths of Kerala.

The launch of WE TV in 2008 as a channel with a youthful presence and colorful programs was an accomplishment for the tastes and desires of the young men and women of 'God's own country'. The 2.5 lac shareholders of MCL in and outside the country, and over 15 million viewers, speak what WE channel means to the youth of this cosmopolitan state and to the Malayalam speaking diaspora which is urging to be one of the biggest consumer markets in India.


Since after the introduction of private channels all the mainstream channels in malayalam were catering only to the requirements of those who have already made their mark in this society, only to those in the 35 plus segment. Left were the 60% of Kerala's population, the youth of Kerala, who have developed into a major segment, capable of standing along with the adults in their analytical decision making skills and earning potential. WE is dedicated to this segment of left-out youth whose global attitude forced them to opt for other reach outs for quenching their info savvy minds.

MCL management dedicated WE channel entirely to the taste of the new generation.

WE channel also provides a platform for its associates to speak to the most active section of India’s most powerful consumer market, loud and clear without duplication in their own language 24x7.

75% of Kerala youth are multilingual.

They are interested in the latest Western, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam programmes.

WE Channel provides entertainment through its unisexual, multilingual and timeless programmes.

WE Channel was rated the No.1 entertainment channel by Kerala Forum in KSA, where live 40% of Keralite emigrants.

WE Channel is one of the main channels that lives in the Kerala campuses.

WE Channel is also one of the major Malayalam channels that caters to the employed youth in Kerala, whose spending amounts to almost 60% of the Kerala market.

Current programmes[edit]

  • Chit Chat
  • Dew Drops
  • Final Mix
  • Food on Road
  • Campus Chillies
  • Chiriyochiri
  • M Town
  • Muzik 4 You
  • Noon Show
  • Second Show
  • Shrill Out
  • Swararagam
  • Valentines Corner - Reloaded

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