WFTDA South Central Regional Tournament

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WFTDA South Central Regional Tournament
Tournament information
Location Various
Month played October
Established 2009
Format Knockout
Current champion
Texas Rollergirls

The WFTDA South Central Regional Tournament or WFTDA South Central Region Playoffs was one of four annual roller derby regional qualifying tournaments for the WFTDA Championships.

The Tournament was organised by the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). Full WFTDA members in the South Central Region were eligible for ranking, and the top ten leagues would qualify for the South Central Regional Tournament, with the top three finalists qualifying for the Championships. Together, the four qualifying tournaments and Championships were termed the "Big 5".[1] Starting with the 2013 WFTDA season, WFTDA's regions were discontinued in favor of an overall-rankings based system, and a new playoff format was created.


Year Date Name Venue Champion Second Third
2009[2] 25-27 September Southern Fried Smackdown Atlanta, Georgia Texas Rollergirls Kansas City Roller Warriors Houston Roller Derby
2010[3] 8-10 October Amber Waves of Pain Lincoln, Nebraska Kansas City Roller Warriors Texas Rollergirls Nashville Rollergirls
2011[4] 30 September-2 October Show Me Der-B-Q Kansas City, Missouri Texas Rollergirls Kansas City Roller Warriors Nashville Rollergirls
2012[5] 5-7 October Landlocked Lace-up Lincoln, Nebraska Texas Rollergirls Atlanta Rollergirls Kansas City Roller Warriors

2009 Southern Fried Smackdown[edit]

On September 27, 2009, the Texas Rollergirls (Texecutioners) beat the Kansas City Roller Warriors 153-70 in the South Central championship bout. Houston Roller Derby (HaRD Knocks) defeated the Dallas Derby Devils 113-101 to take third place.[6]


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