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Ashtabula, OH
Channels Analog: 15 (UHF)
Affiliations Silent
Owner WICA, Inc.
Founded May 6, 1953
First air date September 19, 1953
Last air date June 21, 1956
Call letters' meaning Industry, Commerce, Agriculture
Transmitter power 19220 watts ERP (1kW TPO)
Facility ID Unknown

WICA-TV was a television station in Ashtabula, Ohio. Richard D. and David C. Rowley, the founders of WICA AM/FM, started WICA-TV on channel 15 in the 1950s. Hampered by broadcasting on the (then relatively unknown) UHF dial, and with no network affiliation of any sort, WICA-TV had limited broadcast hours, a sparse and often overused film library, and a heavy amount of local programming (usually filmed with only one camera). WICA-TV started broadcasting on September 19, 1953, but quietly signed off around June 21, 1956.

The Rowley family reactivated WICA-TV on April 4, 1966, with an intent of donating it as a non-profit educational license. As was in its first incarnation, WICA-TV was again hampered with no network programming, an often overused and limited film library of mediocre and low rental fare. In addition, WICA-TV still broadcast only in black-and-white (as was the case for many educational stations of this era) when most stations already converted to color, and still filmed local programming with only one camera.

WICA-TV signed off for good on December 26, 1967, with its license returned to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. The UHF antenna is the sole remaining element of WICA-TV's existence, still affixed to the WREO-FM (formerly known as WICA-FM) tower.

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  • Ashtabula's "Beacon" of Entertainment- Conclusion of the History Of WICA-TV 15 in Ashtabula, Carl Feather, Ashtabula Star-Beacon, January 16, 1995

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