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WILD Flavors, Inc.
Industry Flavors and Colors
Founded 1994
Headquarters Erlanger, Kentucky, USA
Key people
Dr. Hans-Peter Wild
Website WILDFlavors.com

Wild Flavors, Inc. is a manufacturer of flavors, colors, and health-conscious food and beverage ingredients with headquarters in Erlanger, Kentucky. WILD Flavors, Inc is affiliated with Rudolf WILD GmbH & Co. KG and Dr. Hans-Peter Wild.

Its headquarters are in Erlanger, Kentucky.[1]

Major competitors include Givaudan, Firmenich, and International Flavors and Fragrances.

In July 2014 the company announced it was being taken over by Archer Daniels Midland in a $3 billion deal. Subject to regulatory approvals the takeover was expected to close before the end of 2014.[2]


  • 1994 - F&C Company in Cincinnati, OH was acquired and renamed WILD Flavors Inc
  • 1995 - DRI Flavors, Canada
  • 1997 - La Monde Ltd in Placentia, CA
  • 2008 - American Purpac Technologies in Beloit, WI
  • 2014 - Archer Daniels Midland said it will buy Wild Flavors for $3 billion.[3]


  • Resolver Technology - A natural functional flavor based on a mix of natural flavors and flavor extracts. It neutralises undesirable off-notes of certain functional ingredients including a bitter, soapy, metallic or burning aftertaste.[7]
  • SaltTrim - Allows food and beverage manufacturers to halve the amount of salt used in their products, making them healthier without impairing the taste.[8]
  • Colors From Nature - A line of natural colors and plant extracts which allow for a wide variety of applications. The products use the authenticity and high quality provided by plant extracts along with the understanding that plant extracts contain original valuable components.[9]


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