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For other television networks called WIN, see WIN TV.
World Indian Network Television
Launched 1 May 2007
Closed 2016
Owned by WIN Communication Network
Country Trinidad & Tobago
Language English
Broadcast area National
Affiliates WIN Radio 101.1FM
Headquarters Corner of Henry and Bonito Street, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago
37 and 39
Flow Trinidad 12
Toronto, Ontario Canada 672 SD
Satellite radio
WIN Radio 101.1FM
Blink 110
Streaming media
JW Player

World Indian Network Television (commonly known as WIN TV) was a television station in Trinidad and Tobago. The station was launched on May 1, 2007 on channels 37 and 39 on the UHF band and Channel 12 on the Flow Trinidad cable service. It was one of two local television stations (the other being IETV) dedicated to the East Indian market. Its headquarters were located at the Corner of Henry and Bonito Street, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago.


WIN TV was launched on 1 May 2007. It is currently a high definition National Television Station, one of only four in Trinidad and Tobago, transmitting on Channels 7, 37, 39 and Cable Channel 12. The channel was carried into Canada on Bell Fibe TV and Rogers Cable as WIN Caribbean.[1]

WIN TV and its associated radio station WIN Radio were closed down in June 2016 after the death of the station's founder Mohan Jaikaran. The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) found WIN TV in violation of the country's Telecommunications Act by not paying outstanding fees to the TAAT, and forced the television and radio stations off-air.[2][3]


WIN offered Indian movies, local events and original programming such as Medical Matters, Market to Market, the BUZZ weekly, Bollywood Countdown Big Rich Lime and Community News.

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