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Jackson, Mississippi
Channels Analog: 49 (UHF)
Owner Rainey Radio
(Kid's Television, LLC)
Former affiliations MTV2, UATV, America One, LAT TV, Retro Jams

WJXF-LP was a low-power TV station in Jackson, Mississippi. The station, which operated on channel 49, was owned by Equity Broadcasting.

WJXF began carrying LAT TV programming beginning May 30, 2007, as part of a new deal between LAT TV and Equity. [1] It was originally announced that LAT TV would replace Univision on sister station WJMF-LP. However, WJMF kept the Univision affiliation while WJXF began broadcasting LAT TV programming. Until that date, WJXF was a repeater of non-Equity WBXK-CA.

In December, 2007, WJXF switched from LAT TV to Retro Jams, an Equity service that presents music videos, plus infomercials overnight.

WJXF was sold at auction to Rainey Radio on April 16, 2009.[1] The sale closed on July 10, 2009.[2]

In October 2010, Rainey Radio filed a Request for Silent STA with the Federal Communications Commission, citing technical and financial problems.[3] The station's license would be cancelled in October 2011.[4]