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William & Mary Television (WMTV)
Type Internet television network
Country United States
Slogan Are YOU watching?
Owner The College of William & Mary
Official website

WMTV (or William & Mary Television) is the student-run television station at The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, United States. It plays syndicated television shows, movies and original student-created productions. It was founded in 2001 by Ross Johnston as a spin-off of the College's Student Information Network.

The station can be seen on campus cable channel 53. Current WMTV shows include the cooking show Everyday Gourmet, news programs Tribe Update and Flat Hat Insider, fashion segment Trendspotters, scripted shows Ghostburg and I Punch Gravity, Tribe sports highlight program Tribal Fever Sports Minute, and movie review segment Tribe Choices at the Movies.[1]

Everyday Gourmet, the flagship production of the station, was featured in USA Today in 2009.[2]

Current shows[edit]

WMTV productions[edit]

WMTV currently produces eight shows.[1]

  • Everyday Gourmet – WMTV's longest-running program, a cooking show where students prepare budget-friendly dishes in dorm room kitchens.[3] Featured in USA Today in 2009.
  • Ghostburg – A scripted show, created as comedy about ghost-hunters in Virginia, that is now a mixture of comedy, fantasy and suspense in the style of The Twilight Zone.
  • I Punch Gravity – A sketch comedy show, most well known for its 2012 parody of actor Jared Leto, aptly titled The Diary of Jared Leto.[4]
  • The Flat Hat Insider – Created in February 2012 in collaboration with William & Mary's official student newspaper The Flat Hat. Provides a recap of weekly local and national news as reported by The Flat Hat.[5] A special election series of The Flat Hat Insider was launched during fall 2012, featuring biweekly debates between the Presidents of the William & Mary Young Democrats and College Republicans.[6]
  • Trendspotters – Fashion segment created in Spring 2011, providing style advice and style profiles of William & Mary students. Collaborations have included ROCKET student fashion magazine, The Gentlemen of the College and The Stairwells a cappella groups.[7]
  • 'Tribal Fever Sports Minute' – Provides scores, commentary and highlights from William & Mary Tribe Athletics.[8]
  • Tribe Choices @ the Movies – (Also, TC@TM) A movie-review segment featuring both new films and old favorites.[9]
  • Tribe Update – Highlights special events and happenings on campus.[10] Notable programs have included interviews with CNN's John King and 24th Chancellor of The College of William and Mary Robert Gates, as well as special coverage of the 14th Dalai Lama's visit to the College.[11]


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