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The National Weather Service Buffalo, New York is a local office of the National Weather Service responsible for monitoring weather conditions in western and north central New York State including Buffalo, Rochester, Geneva, Fulton, and Watertown.

Jurisdictions served[edit]


Coverage area map


NOAA Weather Radio[edit]

The National Weather Service Buffalo, New York forecast office provides programming for seven NOAA Weather Radio stations in New York.[1]

Station Frequency (MHz) City of license Transmitter power
KEB-98 162.550 Buffalo, New York 600 Watts
WNG-541 162.525 Frewsburg, New York 175 watts
WWG-32 162.425 Little Valley, New York 100 watts
KHA-53 162.400 Rochester, New York 500 watts
WNG-539 162.525 Spencerport, New York 300 watts
WZ-2536 162.475 Lyons, New York 250 watts
WXN-68 162.475 Watertown, New York 100 watts


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