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Wombats (Latin: Vombatidae) are a family of Australian marsupials. Wombat or Wombats may also refer to:



  • Ian Damon (born 1935), Australian/UK broadcaster, nicknamed "Wombat"
  • Graham Eadie (born 1953), former Australian rugby league player, nicknamed "Wombat"
  • Jan Howard Finder (1939-2013), American science fiction writer and academic administrator, nicknamed "The Wombat"


Science and technology[edit]

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Project Wombat, the e-mail list formerly known as Stumpers-L; members of the list are known as "wombats"
  • Wombat Financial Software, a low latency market data business acquired by NYSE Euronext and now known as NYSE Technologies
  • L6 WOMBAT (Weapon Of Magnesium, Battalion, Anti-Tank), a version of the British 120 mm BAT recoilless rifle
  • White Plains Wombats, a rugby league football team based in White Plains, New York
  • Women's Mountain Bike and Tea Society (WOMBATS), a cycling group founded by Jacquie Phelan
  • WOMBAT Situational Awareness and Stress Tolerance Test, a situation awareness or psychological assessment tool
  • Wombat and Combat Wombat, 125cc motorcycles produced by Hodaka in the 1970s
  • Wombat, a Humvee replica kit