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InterAmerican Scout Region
Interamerican Scout Region (World Organization of the Scout Movement).png
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Map of members or potential members of the Interamerican Scout Region, note several Pacific island chains are linked to the IASR through mainland political ties
OwnerWorld Organization of the Scout Movement
HeadquartersCiudad del Saber, Panama
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The Interamerican Region is the divisional office of the World Scout Bureau of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, headquartered in Ciudad del Saber, Panama. The Interamerican Region services Scouting in the Western Hemisphere, both North and South America. Until the 1960s, the "Inter-American Scout Advisory Committee" serviced only Mexico, Central and South America, with Canada and the United States serviced through the then-named "Boy Scouts International Bureau" in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.[1] Even today, the Interamerican Region exists more for the benefit of countries south of the Rio Grande, as evidenced by the website being only in Spanish until 2011; consequently, the United States and Canada did not participate as vigorously in regional activities as do other national organizations around the world, however this is changing in the 2010s.

The headquarters of the Interamerican Region moved progressively southward from its inception until 2010, starting in Havana, Cuba, from 1946 to 1960; moving briefly to Kingston, Jamaica, in 1960; immediately relocating to Mexico City, Mexico, between 1960 and 1968; then to San José, Costa Rica, between 1968 and 1992; Santiago, Chile, from 1992 to 2010, most recently relocating to Ciudad del Saber, Panama.

The Scouts of the nations in the Caribbean basin host their own subregional jamborees.

The Interamerican Region contains one of the five countries with no Scouting organization, Cuba, due to political constraints within the country.

This region is the counterpart of the Western Hemisphere Region of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

Regional Scouts administered directly by WOSM[edit]

The needs of Scout youth in the Region in unusual situations has created some interesting permutations, answerable directly to the World Scout Bureau. For years there was an active Boy Scouts of the United Nations with several troops at Parkway Village in New York City, with but 14 members in 1959. Also directly registered to the World Bureau were the 900 member International Boy Scouts of the Canal Zone.[2]

Interamerican Scout Committee[edit]

The Interamerican Scout Committee is the agency that directs and manages the Region based on the objectives, policies and lines of action established by the Interamerican Scout Conference.

The purpose of the Committee is:

  • Approve the Regional Plan.
  • Acting as an advisory body of the World Scout Committee in matters relating to the Region.
  • Stimulate, promote and support global, regional and subregional events in the Region.
  • To act in the name and representation of the Interamerican Scout Conference between its sessions.

The Committee is composed of ten elected members so that there is no more than one member of the same National Scout Organization. These members serve on a voluntary basis, serve six years in their positions, and five of them are renewed by the Conference when it meets every three years. The Regional Director of the Interamerican Scout Organization is the Executive Secretary of Committee.

Currently the 10 members are:

Position Name Country
President Leonardo Morales Morales Costa Rica
1st Vice-President Steve Kent Canada
2nd Vice-President Ricardo Stuber Brazil
Member Kent Clayburn United States
Member Luis Silvestri Argentina
Member Rosario Mayorga Ecuador
Member Zaida Joaquin Guyana
Member Humphrey Schurman Suriname
Member Lorena Gudiño Mexico
Member Rafe Lucado Panama

Pan-American Region Scout Jamborees[edit]

The Region has run or sponsored region-wide jamborees in its member countries. Past Jamborees include:

Interamerican Scout Conferences[edit]

The Interamerican Scout Conference, the highest body in the Region, is made up of delegates from member National Scout Organizations (NSOs) and meets every three years.

The purpose of the Conference is:

  • Stimulate the development of the Scout Movement in the Interamerican Region.
  • Promote cooperation among member NSOs.
  • Establish the objectives and basis of the Regional Policy.
  • Ensure that the policies established by the World Organization of the Scout Movement are implemented in the Region.
  • Elect the members of the Interamerican Scout Committee.

The World Scout authorities and observers from various governmental and non-governmental organizations, national and international, who have common interests with the Scout Movement, are invited to the Conference. Each NSO has the right to vote in the Conference sessions, and if one can not attend, the voting right can be given to another NSO.

List of Interamerican Scout Conferences[edit]

Year Event Dates Location Participating NSOs
1946 1st Interamerican Scout Conference[3] May 27 - June 2 Bogota 19
1948 2nd Interamerican Scout Conference May 3–8 Mexico City 11
1953 3rd Interamerican Scout Conference February 20–25 Havana 16
1957 4th Interamerican Scout Conference February 22–27 Rio de Janeiro 17
1961 5th Interamerican Scout Conference February 22–27 Caracas 15
1964 6th Interamerican Scout Conference August 26–29 Kingston 18
1968 7th Interamerican Scout Conference July 24–29 San Salvador 24
1972 8th Interamerican Scout Conference August 11 Lima 18
1974 9th Interamerican Scout Conference August 5–9 Miami 25
1976 10th Interamerican Scout Conference August 24–28 Mexico City 17
1978 11th Interamerican Scout Conference June 5–9 Guatemala City 23
1980 12th Interamerican Scout Conference October 10–19 Santiago 24
1982 13th Interamerican Scout Conference July 25–31 Nassau 21
1984 14th Interamerican Scout Conference September 4–8 Curitiba 22
1986 15th Interamerican Scout Conference July 20–26 Port of Spain 22
1988 16th Interamerican Scout Conference September 18–23 Buenos Aires 22
1990 17th Interamerican Scout Conference September 18–23 Montevideo 17
1992 18th Interamerican Scout Conference July 12–17 San Jose 27
1995 19th Interamerican Scout Conference September 4–8 Cartagena 22
1998 20th Interamerican Scout Conference March 22–27 Guadalajara 22
2001 21st Interamerican Scout Conference September 24–28 Cochabamba 33
2004 22nd Interamerican Scout Conference July 21 - August 4 San Salvador 30
2007 23rd Interamerican Scout Conference November 23–28 Quito 25
2010 24th Interamerican Scout Conference August 14–19 Panama City
2013 25th Interamerican Scout Conference September 14–21 Buenos Aires
2016 26th Interamerican Scout Conference October 24–28 Houston 29
2018 27th Interamerican Scout Conference November 27–30 Panama City 28

Pan-American Moot[edit]

Interamerican Leadership Training[edit]

The Interamerican Leadership Training (ILT) is a Leadership Training Course in the Interamerican Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. Sponsored by the Messengers of Peace program, the training course goals are to strengthen Scouting in IAR through a collaborative effort of sharing, networking, training, and support. The course is held once a year hosted by one of the National Scout Organizations (NSOs) of the Region. The selected NSO is awarded the rights to host the ILT two years in a row.

Year Event Location Participating NSOs Dates
2013 Pilot Interamerican Leadership Training Camp Strake, Texas 33 December 26, 2013 - January 1, 2014
2014 2nd Interamerican Leadership Training Galveston, Texas 30 December 27, 2014 - January 2, 2015
2015 3rd Interamerican Leadership Training Guatemala City 30 December 28, 2015 - January 3, 2016
2016 4th Internamerican Leadership Training Guatemala City 31 December 28, 2016 - January 3, 2017
2017 5th Internamerican Leadership Training Quito December 28, 2017 - January 4, 2018

Youth of the Americas Award[edit]

The Youth of the Americas Award is the only award conferred by the Interamerican Scout Committee. The award is given to persons who have made an impact at the international level.[4]

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  • Facts on World Scouting, Boy Scouts International Bureau, Ottawa, Canada, 1961


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