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WOW Sight & Sound
Industry Online Retail
Fate Liquidation (retail stores)
Founded 2003 (stores), 2012 (online-only)
Defunct 2012 (retail stores)
Headquarters Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Products Consumer electronics, Video Games, Movies
Revenue Decrease $257,000,000
Parent WOW Superstores Pty Ltd
WOW Sight & Sound, Albury Store (Lavington, NSW).

WOW Sight and Sound was an Australian audio visual retailer, prior to the appointment of receivers and subsequently entering liquidation in 2012.[1] It currently trades as an online retail firm.

WOW Sight and Sound used to operate 15 stores across Australia, and began with a single store in Townsville in 2003.[2] They operated stores in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

The stores sold a wide range of electronic equipment including televisions and set-top boxes, portable media players, mobile phones, car audio, navigations systems and CB radios, accessories. A range of consumer electronics products were sold under the "Vue and Nashi" house brand. WOW Sight & Sound at one point was also a Ticketek reseller.

They also sold a range of DVDs and music cds. In 2008, WOW launched their online store where most products sold at storefront were available to be purchased online.

In February 2012, the company was placed in liquidation. All bricks and mortar stores were closed. The company experienced a 7.7% decline in revenue in 2011 and was owed $20 m by the failed property development investment company, Aristicon.[1]

As of July 2012, WOW became an online-only retailer.

As of July 2014, WOW Sight & Sound re-launched their online store. The store now consists of, and offering customers a single checkout across all 3 stores.


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