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City of license Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania
Broadcast area Sunbury-Selinsgrove-Lewisburg, PA
Branding WQSU - The Pulse
Slogan "The Broadcast Voice of Susquehanna University"
Frequency 88.9 MHZ HD1
Format Campus Radio
Owner Susquehanna University
Website Official website

WQSU (88.9 FM) is a college radio station licensed to serve Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. The station is owned and operated by Susquehanna University.

88.9 WQSU-FM, "The Pulse", the radio voice of Susquehanna University, is operated by the staff, students and faculty of S.U. as well as community volunteers. Developed as an educational facility, the station is run under the supervision of the Department of Communications. Located at 88.9 megahertz, the 12,000-watt stereo station can be heard at a 70- mile radius from its home in Selinsgrove, PA. WQSU serves approximately one-third of the state of Pennsylvania with a variety of music, news, information, public affairs and sports programming 365 days a year. At 12,000 watts, WQSU is the most powerful student-run college radio station in the state of PA. Starting in 2013, WQSU became the 5th college station in the state to begin broadcasting in HD. The operation of WQSU-FM serves two separate and distinct purposes. The first is mandated by the Federal Communications Commission, and that is to serve the public interest. The second is to serve Susquehanna University in its educational mission by training students in various forms of broadcasting principles and operations, and to serve as a media outlet for Susquehanna University.

The station operates on two different schedules: The regular schedule, which runs during the school year, operates from 9 A.M. until 2 A.M. During school breaks, including the summer, the station operates from noon until 2 A.M. When the station is not programming live from its studios, the station rebroadcasts WVIA-FM programs, including some National Public Radio, or uses the automation system. Included with WVIA’s classical format are a variety of popular shows, such as Morning Edition, A Prairie Home Companion and Car Talk.

Programming Mondays-Fridays consist of the station's format of modern and alternative rock. Throughout the week there are specialty shows of many other genres including classic rock. Saturday programming consists of country and bluegrass. Sundays have a variety of specialty programming including blues, techno, Susquehanna University's church service, classical, and the Grateful Dead. WQSU also airs a wide variety of news and sports coverage.

Historic Milestones:

WQSU first went on the air on May 14, 1967 at 91.5 MHZ FM with a 10-watt transmitter.

On March 20, 1975, WQSU increased its broadcast power from 10 watts to 5600 watts and changed frequencies from 91.5 FM to its current frequency of 88.9 FM.

On February 1, 1980, WQSU began broadcasting in stereo.

In January 1983, WQSU increased its broadcast power from 5600 watts to its current 12,000 watts.

On March 15, 1985, WQSU moved from its original home at 530 University Avenue to the Degenstein Campus Center at Susquehanna University.

On November 22, 2013 at 10 AM, WQSU began broadcasting in HD. WQSU was the 76th radio station in Pennsylvania to begin broadcasting in HD, and the 5th college radio station in Pennsylvania to begin broadcasting in HD.

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Coordinates: 40°57′07″N 76°45′04″W / 40.952°N 76.751°W / 40.952; -76.751