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The Wrestling Superstars Live (WSL) World Tag Team Championship is the tag team title for the Wrestling Superstars Live promotion. It was created in 1999 as the AWA Superstars of Wrestling World Tag Team Championship.

Title history[edit]

  • An (n) indicates that the title change occurred no later than this date.
Wrestlers: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Heaven and Hell 1 June 27, 1999 Fargo, North Dakota Defeated The Bushwhackers (Butch and Luke).
The Golden Lion and Jonnie Stewart 1 September 6, 1999 Bozeman, Montana Defeated the teams of Heaven & Hell and Wrestlestock in a three-way match.
Heaven and Hell 2 October 9, 1999 Joliet, Illinois Defeated The Golden Lion and The Iron Sheik, subbing for Stewart.
The Corporate Stooges
(Tony DeNucci and Jonnie Stewart)
1 September 1, 2001 Gallup, New Mexico
Native Blood
(Ghostwalker and Navajo Warrior)
1 September 1, 2001 Gallup, New Mexico
Models, Inc.
(Charming Chad and G.Q. Gallo)
1 March 26, 2004 Casa Grande, Arizona Defeated Navajo Warrior and Evan Karagias. Ghostwalker now goes by the name G.Q. Gallo.
Title stripped in July 2004 when Charming Chad signs a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.
The Henchmen
(Buddha the Beast and Venom)
1 July 2004 Chicago, Illinois Awarded the title.
Title vacated in 2005 in order to be put on the line in a tournament.
The Henchmen
(Buddha the Beast and Venom)
2 December 5, 2005 Las Vegas, Nevada
Team Macktion
(Kirby and T.J. Mack)
1 June 14, 2006 Indianapolis, Indiana
The Old School Blondes
(Steve Corino and Ricky Landell)
1 June 14, 2006 Indianapolis, Indiana
The New Generation Dynasty
(Ric Converse and Xsiris)
1 March 23, 2007 Cameron, North Carolina Defeated Ricky Landell and Jonnie Stewart, subbing for Corino, who was on an Australian tour.
Jonnie Stewart & Ricky Landell 1 June 13, 2007 Indianapolis, Indiana Converse and Xsiris are stripped of the titles. They are awarded to Jonnie Stewart and Ricky Landell.
Titles vacated in June 2007.
The Heartbreak Express
(Phil and Sean Davis)
1 October 6, 2007 Shawano, Wisconsin Won an 18-team tournament for vacant titles
Frankie DeFalco & Jake Milliman # February 8, 2008 (title change not recognized)
The Heartbreak Express
(Phil and Sean Davis)
1 February 25, 2008 (title change not recognized)
Team Vision
(Chasyn Rance and Mister Saint Laurent)
1 April 18, 2008 Fayetteville, West Virginia The Heartbreak Express did not appear to make a scheduled defense in a three-way so Dale Gagne ordered the titles be stripped and determined between Team Vision (Rance/Saint Laurent) and Team Macktion (Kirby/T.J.).
Titles vacated in late 2008. A tournament to fill the titles was to be held in Statesville, NC on March 6, 2009. There is no indication that the tournament was ever held. A match to fill the titles was scheduled for Sheridan, CO on May 29, 2009. That match was not held when the venue cancelled the event over trademark violations. The title was abandoned when WSL closed later in 2009.

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