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Burial site of unknown
WV24 is located in Egypt
Coordinates 25°44′28.2″N 32°35′33.2″E / 25.741167°N 32.592556°E / 25.741167; 32.592556Coordinates: 25°44′28.2″N 32°35′33.2″E / 25.741167°N 32.592556°E / 25.741167; 32.592556
Location West Valley of the Kings
Discovered before 1832
Excavated by Otto Schaden
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Tomb WV24 is an Ancient Egyptian tomb located in the western arm of the Valley of the Kings. It was reported by Robert Hay and John Wilkinson in the 1820s and visited by Howard Carter; however, it was not fully explored until Otto Schaden's excavations in 1991.

Isometric, plan and elevation images of WV24 taken from a 3d model


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