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WVOX 1460AM logo.jpg
City New Rochelle, New York
Broadcast area New York
Slogan "Vox Populi" - The Voice of Westchester
Frequency 1460 kHz
(also on HD Radio via WVIP-HD2)
Translator(s) 103.1 W276BV (Greenwich, Connecticut)
Format Talk radio / Variety
Power 500 watts daytime
122 watts nighttime
Class D
Facility ID 28024
Transmitter coordinates 40°55′42″N 73°46′30″W / 40.92833°N 73.77500°W / 40.92833; -73.77500Coordinates: 40°55′42″N 73°46′30″W / 40.92833°N 73.77500°W / 40.92833; -73.77500
Callsign meaning VOX, Latin for voice
Owner Whitney Broadcasting
Sister stations WVIP
Website www.wvox.com

WVOX (1460 AM) is a radio station licensed to New Rochelle, New York. It is operated as a regional community station heard mainly in suburban Westchester County, the Bronx, Queens, the North Shore of Nassau County, Fairfield County, Connecticut and northern New Jersey. The station president is William O'Shaughnessy, and its current owner is Whitney Broadcasting, Inc. along with WVIP 93.5 FM. The station claimed more than five million live listeners as of 2005.[1]

WVOX reaches many more listeners, worldwide, by streaming live, online. As of July 12, 2010, WVOX can also be heard on the HD2 subchannel of its FM sister station, WVIP.[2]

Programming is primarily locally produced information and talk, including programs presented by local citizens and interest groups. O'Shaughnessy hosted a daily talk show on the station for more than 50 years, featuring interviews with many major U.S. politicians, authors, and entertainers.[1] O'Shaughnessy, who has been called "the voice of Westchester",[3] is fond of calling WVOX the "quintessential community radio station in America",[4] a label first applied to the station by the Wall Street Journal.[3] Referring to the station's citizen-produced content, a New York Daily News critic described WVOX as a "glorious hodgepodge, much of which even O'Shaughnessy can't get excited about."[3]

In 2005, O'Shaughnessy was one of the first 25 people to be inducted into the new New York State Broadcasters Hall of Fame by the New York State Broadcasters Association.[1][5] He was honored for his long record as a champion of free speech under the First Amendment.[3] A history of the broadcasters' association published in 2005 described O'Shaughnessy as "happily turn[ing] over the airwaves to their rightful owners, the residents of the influential community he serves."[3]

Annual St. Patrick's Day live broadcast[edit]

Every St. Patrick's Day since 1960, WVOX has pre-empted its regular programming in favor of an all-day live remote from the holiday celebration at Dudley's Parkview, a bar/restaurant in New Rochelle. This yearly event features appearances by many of the station's on-air personalities, interviews with local residents, and an assortment of traditional Irish music.

50th anniversary celebration[edit]

On September 14, 2009, WVOX celebrated its 50th anniversary with on-air festivities running all day from 9 AM to 6 PM. Station head William O'Shaughnessy presided as both current and former on-air personalities, local politicians, and other well-known figures offered their thoughts and congratulations, both in-studio and via telephone. In addition, vintage airchecks of memorable moments in the station's history were featured throughout the day.

Notable past programming[edit]

  • Bill Mazer - Following his departure from WEVD in 2001, the sportscaster known as the "A-Maz-In" Bill Mazer launched an afternoon interview program on WVOX, which aired from 3–6 PM ET (and streamed from WVOX's website), with his son Arnie serving as producer. Mazer's last show was aired August 3, 2009, ending his tenure at the station and marking his retirement from broadcasting.
  • Emergency Preparedness & Safety Tips On Air and Online - Host/Producer Lisa Tolliver (a volunteer/media partner with Westchester Emergency Volunteer Reserves-Medical Reserve Corps[6] and winner of multiple media awards[7]) and WEVR-MRC Manager Marianne Partridge earned kudos from United States Surgeon General Richard Carmona for regularly publicizing emergency preparedness and safety tips on Tolliver's WVOX radio shows, and for extending their outreach by publishing articles online in an "Emergency Preparedness & Safety Tips" blog[8] and in Tolliver's Blogcritics Magazine articles.[9] Tolliver and Partridge often featured interviews with emergency management professionals (such as New Rochelle Fire Captain Bobby Benz[10]) and celebrities (such as Flavor Flav).[11][12] They typically targeted their messages to coincide with current events and holidays, such as fireworks safety on Independence Day and hurricane safety during the June–November hurricane season,[13] or guest-specific issues, such as earthquake safety, when interviewing West Coast resident, Flavor Flav. Tolliver and Partridge's partnership ended in 2007, when Partridge changed careers. Tolliver discontinued the series later in 2008, after collaborating for a short time with Partridge's replacement at WEVR-MRC.
  • T3: Trends, Tips & Tools for Everyday Living - appealing to technophobes and technophiles, alike, Lisa Tolliver and a rotating panel of co-hosts and guests profiled and critiqued high-tech as well as low-tech resources; shared do's and don'ts (e.g., for safely shopping online and using wireless hotspots); evaluated trends (such the proliferation of distance learning courses and social media tools); addressed lifestyle topics (such as e-cards and useful tools for making Thanksgiving dinner); and weighed the benefits of well-designed/well-implemented resources versus challenges created by poorly designed/poorly implemented ones. For example, in August 2007 media futurist Gerd Leonhard[22] discussed the opportunities and challenges associated with launching Sonific: Soundtracks For Your Digital Life and with T3's team evaluated such music services from multiple perspectives.[23] (Leonhard "pulled Sonific's plug" in May 2008).[24][25][26]
  • What's Goin' On - After his character, Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero, was "whacked" in The Sopranos episode "Funhouse", actor Vincent Pastore launched, and briefly hosted, a talk radio show featuring celebrities and celebrity news.[27] Days before his show's 2004 launch, Pastore "guested" on Dennis Nardone's golden oldies show, at which time he met fellow talk show host, Lisa Tolliver. Pastore and Tolliver shared a photo op[28] and cheek kiss, and on the eve of her next broadcast, Tolliver received an email from the station brass indicating that Pastore's new show had preempted the time slots of her back-to-back shows (SCORE Radio, The Lisa Tolliver Show, and T3: Trends, Tips & Tools for Everyday Living), which would be rescheduled. Tolliver quipped about this development on air, and her comments were quoted in CelebSafari (now known as PopSafari[29]): "Beware of kisses from "made" men. [...My] shows got whacked to new time slots. But we're not sleeping with the fishes; Vinny's short run as a radio host benefitted everyone at Whitney Radio."[30]
  • Your Business Matters - talk show spun off from the SCORE: Counselors to America's Small Business radio show, produced and hosted by Lisa Tolliver and featuring interviews with business experts and business owners, and discussions with guests regarding business issues.[31]


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