WWA World Heavyweight Championship

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WWA World Heavyweight Championship
The WWA Championship belt
(October 19, 2001 – May 25, 2003)
Promotion World Wrestling All-Stars
Date established October 19, 2001
Date retired May 25, 2003

The World Wrestling All-Stars (WWA) World Heavyweight Championship was a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship in World Wrestling All-Stars. It was the primary championship in the WWA. The title was sanctioned by WWA as their world championship and defended in multiple countries. It was unified with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship on May 25, 2003.


The WWA World Heavyweight Championship was unveiled in 2001 and first won by Road Dogg on October 19, 2001 by defeating Jeff Jarrett in Australia.[1][2][3] Shortly after, however, the title was vacated for WWA's first pay-per-view, The Inception, on October 26, 2001. There, the title was contested in a tournament won by Jeff Jarrett.[4] The title was contested in the WWA as its primary title until May 25, 2003, where the title was unified with the National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion in Auckland, New Zealand by Jeff Jarrett, the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, who defeated Sting, the WWA World Heavyweight Champion.[5]

Title history[edit]

Reign The reign number for the specific champion listed
Location The city in which the title was won
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the title was won
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign
No. Wrestler Reign Date Days held Location Event Notes
1 Road Dogg 1 October 19, 2001 7 Perth, Australia Live event Defeated Jeff Jarrett to become the first WWA World Heavyweight Champion.
Vacated October 26, 2001 Sydney, Australia WWA Inception Title vacated to be made available for a tournament.[1]
2 Jeff Jarrett 1 October 26, 2001 163 Sydney, Australia WWA Inception Defeated B.G. James (Road Dogg under a different name) in the final of the Seven Deadly Sins Tournament at The Inception.[1]
3 Nathan Jones 1 April 7, 2002 6 Sydney, Australia Live event Four Way Match also involving Brian Christopher and Scott Steiner.[6]
4 Scott Steiner 1 April 13, 2002 171–201 Melbourne, Australia WWA Eruption Featured Sid Vicious as Special Outside Enforcer.[7]
Vacated October 2002 Steiner was stripped of the title after signing with WWE.[1]
5 Lex Luger 1 December 6, 2002 7 Glasgow, Scotland WWA Retribution Defeated Sting to win the vacant title (Jeff Jarrett interfered on behalf of Luger).[8]
6 Sting 1 December 13, 2002 163 Zurich, Switzerland Live event Three Way Match also involving Malice.[9]
7 Jeff Jarrett 2 May 25, 2003 <1 Auckland, New Zealand WWA Reckoning Unified with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.[5]

List of combined reigns[edit]

Rank [1] Wrestler No. of reigns Combined days
1 Scott Steiner 1 171-201
2 Jeff Jarrett 2 163
Sting 1 163
4 Lex Luger 1 7
Road Dogg 1 7
6 Nathan Jones 1 6

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