WWE WrestleMania 21

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WWE WrestleMania 21
WWE Wrestlemania 21.jpg
NTSC cover art
Developer(s)Studio Gigante
Director(s)John Tobias
Designer(s)Matt Cianchetti
Mike Vinikour
Genre(s)Professional wrestling

WWE WrestleMania 21, also known simply as WrestleMania 21 or Wrestlemania XXI, is a professional wrestling video game released exclusively for the Xbox in 2005. It was published by THQ and developed by Studio Gigante. It is based on WWE's pay-per-view event of the same name. It is also the successor to Raw 2. The game was the last WWE game released on the original Xbox. WWE Wrestlemania 21 was the last game to be released by Studio Gigante.


WWE WrestleMania 21 includes superstars from WWE Raw 2 and new wrestlers, including: Charlie Haas, Jackie Gayda, Lance Cade, René Duprée, Shelton Benjamin, and Eugene.[2] The game features a new reversal system dubbed the Pro Reversal System.[3] This feature allows for simpler functionality with reversing an opponent's move.

Development and release[edit]

WrestleMania 21 was first announced by THQ just before E3 2004, stating that the game would be replacing the Raw video game series.[4]


Aggregate score
Review scores
Game Informer5.75/10[8]
GamePro4/5 stars[9]
GameSpy2/5 stars[11]
OXM (US)6.8/10[14]
X-Play2/5 stars[15]
The Sydney Morning Herald2/5 stars[16]
The Times2/5 stars[17]

Despite an upgrade in visuals, and a fully voiced career-mode, the game was met with very mixed reception due to its gameplay. Rather than being an upgrade of a pre-existing game engine, it was virtually built from the ground up,[18] as well as containing numerous glitches that crippled the gameplay experience. In their review of the game, GameSpot mentioned that the hit detection was horrible.[10] Among various other problems such as a slow and unresponsive AI taking away from the difficulty, or drastically decreasing the length of a match. A Create-a-Wrestler mode lacking a variety of moves, and items for the wrestler being created. While specialty matches are included within the game, they are only playable in 1 on 1. Among other problems, VideoGamer.com mentioned that the game had sloppy controls.[19] IGN gave the game a rating of 6 out of 10, praising the high quality visuals, but like other reviews took issue with the flaws in the gameplay.[13]

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