WWF Canadian Championship

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WWF Canadian Championship
Promotion World Wrestling Federation
Date established August 18, 1985
Date retired January 22, 1986

In August 1985, the World Wrestling Federation took over the Montreal-based International Wrestling (Lutte Internationale) promotion. Upon joining the WWF roster, IW mainstay Dino Bravo was billed as the WWF Canadian Champion / WWE Canadian Champion in some Canadian cities until January 1986, when the title was abandoned.[1]

Title history[edit]

No. Champions Reign Date Days held Location Event Notes Ref(s)
1 Bravo, DinoDino Bravo 1 August 18, 1985 157 (approx) Montreal, Quebec, Canada House show  
Vacated January 22, 1986 N/A N/A Title abandoned after Bravo left the WWF.

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