WWF North American Heavyweight Championship

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The North American Heavyweight Championship belt.

The WWF North American Heavyweight Championship was a relatively short-lived title in the World Wrestling Federation from 1979 until 1981.[1] It is considered to be the spiritual predecessor to the WWE Intercontinental Championship after Pat Patterson was awarded the Intercontinental Championship as a result of a one night tournament. The first North American Heavyweight Champion was Ted DiBiase in 1979.[2]

Title history[edit]

# Wrestler Reigns Date Days held: Location Notes
1 Ted DiBiase 1 February 13, 1979 126 Allentown, PA Awarded when he signed with the WWF.[3]
2 Pat Patterson 1 June 19, 1979 158 Allentown, PA [3]
3 Seiji Sakaguchi 1 November 8, 1979 532 Otaru, Japan [3]
Title retired April 23, 1981 WWF abandoned the title.[3]


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