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Lake and visitor centre at the reserve

WWT Arundel is one of nine wildfowl and wetland nature reserves managed by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, a nature conservation charity in the United Kingdom. The 60 acre (240,000 m2) reserve is situated at the foot of the Offham Hangar, a part of the Arun valley in Arundel, West Sussex, England.

One of the endangered species protected at the centre is the Hawaiian goose, or nēnē, the rarest goose in the world, and state bird of Hawaii. Many species of duck, goose and swan can be seen at the reserve.

The centre provides a variety of habitats from around the world for its various 'residents' such as its re-creation of Mývatn, a volcanic lake in Iceland.

With hand feeding and hides situated all over the centre, visitors can get close to many of the ducks. These features, as well as the large number of habitats and different species, are common in WWT centres.


Species from other countries are not wild.




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