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WYOU Community Television, Inc. is a nonprofit public, educational, and government access (PEG) cable television station for the Madison, Wisconsin area. WYOU operates on 100% volunteer support that is independent of governmental, commercial, academic, and religious entities.

As of January 1, 2011, Wisconsin eliminated PEG access funding.[1] WYOU now relies entirely on membership and videography & editing class fees, video services, and donations for funding.[2]

The broadcast schedule consists almost exclusively of locally produced programming, including the interview and performance show "Mindshock," broadcasts of events from the Madison Civics Club, and recorded performances by such acts as the Capital City Band, Jesse Walker, and the Gomers and their "Gomeroke" karaoke concerts. WYOU also airs satellite-fed programs such as Democracy Now! and other programs from Free Speech TV.

WYOU currently airs on analog Channel 95 and Digital 991 on Charter Cable's systems in Dane County. Alternatively, a free streaming broadcast can be viewed on their website.[3]


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