WZ-111 Heavy Tank

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WZ-111 Heavy Tank
111 Heavy-tank Test car 20131004.JPG
WZ-111 at China Tank Museum, Beijing
Type heavy tank
Place of origin  PRC
Weight 44-46 tonnes
Length 10.625 m (with gun)
Width 3.3 m
Height 2.497 m
Crew 4 (commander, loader, gunner, driver)

Armor 80-200 mm
122 mm "Y174" tank gun
1 x 12.7 mm machine gun
1 x 7.62 mm machine gun
Engine 12-cylinder Supercharged diesel
750 hp (390 kw)
Power/weight 12.5 kw/t
Suspension torsion bar

The WZ-111 heavy tank (Chinese: WZ-111重型坦克) was a Chinese heavy tank that was developed throughout the 1960s but was cancelled in 1966 due to many mechanical problems with the design.


It featured a 750 hp supercharged diesel engine and the torsion bar suspension was made up by 7 road wheels and 4 return rollers. The Inducer laid in front, with both drive sprockets in the rear. This type of tank used many Soviet heavy tank design elements. [1]

The first prototype, which lacked the intended turret but was fitted with a steel weight(to simulate the actual mass of the turret during testing), was sent for trials from 1964 onwards. Because of many technological problems associated with the prototype, it was set aside in 1966 and the project regarding the WZ-111 was shelved.[2][3] [4] A WZ-111 hull is now displayed at the China Tank Museum, Beijing.

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