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W Window System
Original author(s)Paul Asente, Brian Reid
Developer(s)Stanford University
Operating systemV operating system
SuccessorX Window System
TypeWindowing system

The W window system is a discontinued windowing system and precursor in name and concept to the modern X window system.

W was originally developed at Stanford University by Paul Asente and Brian Reid for the V operating system. In 1983, Paul Asente and Chris Kent ported the system to UNIX on the VS100, giving a copy to those working at MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science.

In 1984, Bob Scheifler of MIT replaced the synchronous protocol of W with an asynchronous alternative and named the result X.

Since this time the X window system has gone through many fundamental changes and no longer bears any significant resemblance to W.

Other W window systems[edit]

There exists more than one window system named W. In 1995 Torsten Scherer released a suite dubbed W1R3; it has since been modified by Eero Tamminen and released as W1R4 under the GNU Lesser General Public License for the libraries, and the GNU General Public License for the rest.[1] This work postdates both W and X by many years, and has no code in common with either. It was used in the Yopy Linux PDA.

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