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Aksara nglegena Aksara pasangan
Javanese script
Latin orthography wa
Phoneme [w]
Unicode U+A9AE

is one of syllable in Javanese script that represent the sound /ʋɔ/, /ʋa/. It is transliterated to Latin as "wa", and sometimes in Indonesian orthography as "wo". It has another form (pasangan), which is ◌꧀ꦮ, but represented by a single Unicode code point, U+A9B3.[1][2][3]


It's pasangan form ◌꧀ꦮ, is located on the bottom side of the previous syllable. For example, ꦲꦤꦏ꧀ꦮꦢꦺꦴꦤ꧀ - anak wadon (a girl).

Extended form[edit]

The letter ꦮ doesn't have a murda form.

Using cecak telu (ꦮ꦳), the syllable represents /f/.


Nglegena forms Pasangan forms
 wa ꦮꦃ wah ꦮꦁ wang ꦮꦂ war ◌꧀ꦮ -wa ◌꧀ꦮꦃ -wah ◌꧀ꦮꦁ -wang ◌꧀ꦮꦂ -war
ꦮꦺ we ꦮꦺꦃ weh ꦮꦺꦁ weng ꦮꦺꦂ wer ◌꧀ꦮꦺ -we ◌꧀ꦮꦺꦃ -weh ◌꧀ꦮꦺꦁ -weng ◌꧀ꦮꦺꦂ -wer
ꦮꦼ wê ꦮꦼꦃ wêh ꦮꦼꦁ wêng ꦮꦼꦂ wêr ◌꧀ꦮꦼ -wê ◌꧀ꦮꦼꦃ -wêh ◌꧀ꦮꦼꦁ -wêng ◌꧀ꦮꦼꦂ -wêr
ꦮꦶ wi ꦮꦶꦃ wih ꦮꦶꦁ wing ꦮꦶꦂ wir ◌꧀ꦮꦶ -wi ◌꧀ꦮꦶꦃ -wih ◌꧀ꦮꦶꦁ -wing ◌꧀ꦮꦶꦂ -wir
ꦮꦺꦴ wo ꦮꦺꦴꦃ woh ꦮꦺꦴꦁ wong ꦮꦺꦴꦂ wor ◌꧀ꦮꦺꦴ -wo ◌꧀ꦮꦺꦴꦃ -woh ◌꧀ꦮꦺꦴꦁ -wong ◌꧀ꦮꦺꦴꦂ -wor
ꦮꦸ wu ꦮꦸꦃ wuh ꦮꦸꦁ wung ꦮꦸꦂ wur ◌꧀ꦮꦸ -wu ◌꧀ꦮꦸꦃ -wuh ◌꧀ꦮꦸꦁ -wung ◌꧀ꦮꦸꦂ -wur
ꦮꦿ wra ꦮꦿꦃ wrah ꦮꦿꦁ wrang ꦮꦿꦂ wrar ◌꧀ꦮꦿ -wra ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦃ -wrah ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦁ -wrang ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦂ -wrar
ꦮꦿꦺ wre ꦮꦿꦺꦃ wreh ꦮꦿꦺꦁ wreng ꦮꦿꦺꦂ wrer ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦺ -wre ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦺꦃ -wreh ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦺꦁ -wreng ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦺꦂ -wrer
ꦮꦽ wrê ꦮꦽꦃ wrêh ꦮꦽꦁ wrêng ꦮꦽꦂ wrêr ◌꧀ꦮꦽ -wrê ◌꧀ꦮꦽꦃ -wrêh ◌꧀ꦮꦽꦁ -wrêng ◌꧀ꦮꦽꦂ -wrêr
ꦮꦿꦶ wri ꦮꦿꦶꦃ wrih ꦮꦿꦶꦁ wring ꦮꦿꦶꦂ wrir ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦶ -wri ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦶꦃ -wrih ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦶꦁ -wring ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦶꦂ -wrir
ꦮꦿꦺꦴ wro ꦮꦿꦺꦴꦃ wroh ꦮꦿꦺꦴꦁ wrong ꦮꦿꦺꦴꦂ wror ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦺꦴ -wro ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦺꦴꦃ -wroh ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦺꦴꦁ -wrong ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦺꦴꦂ -wror
ꦮꦿꦸ wru ꦮꦿꦸꦃ wruh ꦮꦿꦸꦁ wrung ꦮꦿꦸꦂ wrur ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦸ -wru ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦸꦃ -wruh ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦸꦁ -wrung ◌꧀ꦮꦿꦸꦂ -wrur
ꦮꦾ wya ꦮꦾꦃ wyah ꦮꦾꦁ wyang ꦮꦾꦂ wyar ◌꧀ꦮꦾ -wya ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦃ -wyah ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦁ -wyang ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦂ -wyar
ꦮꦾꦺ wye ꦮꦾꦺꦃ wyeh ꦮꦾꦺꦁ wyeng ꦮꦾꦺꦂ wyer ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦺ -wye ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦺꦃ -wyeh ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦺꦁ -wyeng ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦺꦂ -wyer
ꦮꦾꦼ wyê ꦮꦾꦼꦃ wyêh ꦮꦾꦼꦁ wyêng ꦮꦾꦼꦂ wyêr ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦼ -wyê ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦼꦃ -wyêh ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦼꦁ -wyêng ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦼꦂ -wyêr
ꦮꦾꦶ wyi ꦮꦾꦶꦃ wyih ꦮꦾꦶꦁ wying ꦮꦾꦶꦂ wyir ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦶ -wyi ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦶꦃ -wyih ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦶꦁ -wying ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦶꦂ -wyir
ꦮꦾꦺꦴ wyo ꦮꦾꦺꦴꦃ wyoh ꦮꦾꦺꦴꦁ wyong ꦮꦾꦺꦴꦂ wyor ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦺꦴ -wyo ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦺꦴꦃ -wyoh ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦺꦴꦁ -wyong ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦺꦴꦂ -wyor
ꦮꦾꦸ wyu ꦮꦾꦸꦃ wyuh ꦮꦾꦸꦁ wyung ꦮꦾꦸꦂ wyur ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦸ -wyu ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦸꦃ -wyuh ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦸꦁ -wyung ◌꧀ꦮꦾꦸꦂ -wyur
Other forms
Nglegena forms Pasangan forms
ꦮ꦳ va ꦮ꦳ꦃ vah ꦮ꦳ꦁ vang ꦮ꦳ꦂ var ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ -va ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦃ -vah ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦁ -vang ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦂ -var
ꦮ꦳ꦺ ve ꦮ꦳ꦺꦃ veh ꦮ꦳ꦺꦁ veng ꦮ꦳ꦺꦂ ver ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦺ -ve ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦺꦃ -veh ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦺꦁ -veng ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦺꦂ -ver
ꦮ꦳ꦼ vê ꦮ꦳ꦼꦃ vêh ꦮ꦳ꦼꦁ vêng ꦮ꦳ꦼꦂ vêr ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦼ -vê ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦼꦃ -vêh ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦼꦁ -vêng ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦼꦂ -vêr
ꦮ꦳ꦶ vi ꦮ꦳ꦶꦃ vih ꦮ꦳ꦶꦁ ving ꦮ꦳ꦶꦂ vir ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦶ -vi ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦶꦃ -vih ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦶꦁ -ving ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦶꦂ -vir
ꦮ꦳ꦺꦴ vo ꦮ꦳ꦺꦴꦃ voh ꦮ꦳ꦺꦴꦁ vong ꦮ꦳ꦺꦴꦂ vor ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦺꦴ -vo ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦺꦴꦃ -voh ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦺꦴꦁ -vong ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦺꦴꦂ -vor
ꦮ꦳ꦸ vu ꦮ꦳ꦸꦃ vuh ꦮ꦳ꦸꦁ vung ꦮ꦳ꦸꦂ vur ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦸ -vu ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦸꦃ -vuh ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦸꦁ -vung ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦸꦂ -vur
ꦮ꦳ꦿ vra ꦮ꦳ꦿꦃ vrah ꦮ꦳ꦿꦁ vrang ꦮ꦳ꦿꦂ vrar ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿ -vra ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦃ -vrah ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦁ -vrang ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦂ -vrar
ꦮ꦳ꦿꦺ vre ꦮ꦳ꦿꦺꦃ vreh ꦮ꦳ꦿꦺꦁ vreng ꦮ꦳ꦿꦺꦂ vrer ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦺ -vre ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦺꦃ -vreh ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦺꦁ -vreng ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦺꦂ -vrer
ꦮ꦳ꦽ vrê ꦮ꦳ꦽꦃ vrêh ꦮ꦳ꦽꦁ vrêng ꦮ꦳ꦽꦂ vrêr ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦽ -vrê ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦽꦃ -vrêh ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦽꦁ -vrêng ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦽꦂ -vrêr
ꦮ꦳ꦿꦶ vri ꦮ꦳ꦿꦶꦃ vrih ꦮ꦳ꦿꦶꦁ vring ꦮ꦳ꦿꦶꦂ vrir ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦶ -vri ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦶꦃ -vrih ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦶꦁ -vring ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦶꦂ -vrir
ꦮ꦳ꦿꦺꦴ vro ꦮ꦳ꦿꦺꦴꦃ vroh ꦮ꦳ꦿꦺꦴꦁ vrong ꦮ꦳ꦿꦺꦴꦂ vror ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦺꦴ -vro ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦺꦴꦃ -vroh ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦺꦴꦁ -vrong ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦺꦴꦂ -vror
ꦮ꦳ꦿꦸ vru ꦮ꦳ꦿꦸꦃ vruh ꦮ꦳ꦿꦸꦁ vrung ꦮ꦳ꦿꦸꦂ vrur ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦸ -vru ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦸꦃ -vruh ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦸꦁ -vrung ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦿꦸꦂ -vrur
ꦮ꦳ꦾ vya ꦮ꦳ꦾꦃ vyah ꦮ꦳ꦾꦁ vyang ꦮ꦳ꦾꦂ vyar ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾ -vya ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦃ -vyah ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦁ -vyang ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦂ -vyar
ꦮ꦳ꦾꦺ vye ꦮ꦳ꦾꦺꦃ vyeh ꦮ꦳ꦾꦺꦁ vyeng ꦮ꦳ꦾꦺꦂ vyer ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦺ -vye ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦺꦃ -vyeh ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦺꦁ -vyeng ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦺꦂ -vyer
ꦮ꦳ꦾꦼ vyê ꦮ꦳ꦾꦼꦃ vyêh ꦮ꦳ꦾꦼꦁ vyêng ꦮ꦳ꦾꦼꦂ vyêr ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦼ -vyê ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦼꦃ -vyêh ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦼꦁ -vyêng ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦼꦂ -vyêr
ꦮ꦳ꦾꦶ vyi ꦮ꦳ꦾꦶꦃ vyih ꦮ꦳ꦾꦶꦁ vying ꦮ꦳ꦾꦶꦂ vyir ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦶ -vyi ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦶꦃ -vyih ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦶꦁ -vying ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦶꦂ -vyir
ꦮ꦳ꦾꦺꦴ vyo ꦮ꦳ꦾꦺꦴꦃ vyoh ꦮ꦳ꦾꦺꦴꦁ vyong ꦮ꦳ꦾꦺꦴꦂ vyor ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦺꦴ -vyo ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦺꦴꦃ -vyoh ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦺꦴꦁ -vyong ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦺꦴꦂ -vyor
ꦮ꦳ꦾꦸ vyu ꦮ꦳ꦾꦸꦃ vyuh ꦮ꦳ꦾꦸꦁ vyung ꦮ꦳ꦾꦸꦂ vyur ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦸ -vyu ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦸꦃ -vyuh ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦸꦁ -vyung ◌꧀ꦮ꦳ꦾꦸꦂ -vyur

Unicode block[edit]

Javanese script was added to the Unicode Standard in October, 2009 with the release of version 5.2.

Official Unicode Consortium code chart (PDF)
  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
U+A9Bx ꦿ
1.^ As of Unicode version 10.0
2.^ Grey areas indicate non-assigned code points


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