Wa Ying College

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Wa Ying College
Chinese: 華英中學
Wa ying 2.jpg
8 Sheung Wo Street, Homantin, Kowloon
Hong Kong
School type Aided, Secondary
Motto We work together. We care. We serve.
Established 1913
School district Kowloon City
Principal Dr. Wun Chi Wa
Staff 65
Grades F.1 - F.6
Gender Co-educational
Number of students 1176
Houses Sun     , Moon     , Sky     , Ocean     
Newspaper "Lustre" Chinese: 華采
Affiliation The Methodist Church, Hong Kong
Supervisor Rev. Dr. Lam Sung Che

Wa Ying College (Chinese: 華英中學) is a secondary school in Hong Kong, located at 8 Sheung Wo Street, Homantin, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The school is managed by the Methodist Church, Hong Kong.


School building

Wa Ying College was founded as Wa Ying Middle School (Chinese name 華英中學) by the Methodist Church in 1913 in Foshan of Guangdong, China. The school quickly established itself as one of the three most prestigious middle schools in pre-World War II southern China. During the War, the school relocated to Hong Kong in Tung Chung Fort, Tung Chung, Lantau Island and later moved to Shatin. It returned to Foshan after the War. In 1951, after the Communist Party of China came into power in mainland China, the Foshan-based Wa Ying Middle School was confiscated by the state owing to the People's Republic of China's atheist Communist ideology, under which religious organizations-run schools are not allowed to operate. The Foshan No.1 Middle School (廣東省佛山市第一中學; pinyin Guangdong sheng Foshan shi Diyi Zhongxue, abbrev 佛山一中; pinyin Foshan Yizhong), was formed after the authorities merged the former Wa Ying Middle School with the public run Foshan Middle School (佛山中學; pinyin Foshan Zhongxue) and sited at the former Wa Ying Middle School.

In 1969, alumni of Wa Ying Middle School based in Hong Kong handed a proposal to the Chinese Methodist Church to re-establish the school in Hong Kong, then out of the People's Republic of China's control. The alumni pledged to raise funds to start the building project and entrusted the school to the Church as in the past. With less than 400 alumni, nearly $300,000 was raised. In addition to a loan of $250,000 and a subsidy of two million dollars granted from the Hong Kong Government, the dream of resuming the school came true. Construction work began at its present site at Ho Man Tin in 1970.

In September 1971, the new school, now named Wa Ying College in English while keeping the Chinese name of its Foshan predecessor, started with 18 teachers and 12 classes. The school gradually expanded to up to 31 classes by the 1983-84 academic year. The school campus has undergone a number of renovations over the years, with the most recent at the late 2005.

Reputations and Achievements[edit]

Wa Ying College is considered a school with an excellent reputation both district-wide and territory-wide. All Form 1 student intakes are band 1 primary school graduates and competition for a place at Wa Ying is highly intense, the admittance ratio for the year 2007-2008 is 14:1. In the past HKAL era, a majority (regularly 85%+) of its Form 7 graduates were admitted to universities in Hong Kong every year. Since the new HKDSE exam has been put into practice, more than 60% of Wa Ying College's Form 6 graduates were admitted to local universities in both two cycles.

The school's policies are also known to be highly progressive. Since its re-founding in Hong Kong in 1971, all teachers have been involved in the school's administrative work and the making of school policies through the system of functional committees. The school also pioneered school counseling practices in Hong Kong by introducing social workers into the school and setting up peer counseling schemes [1] . Most of the student welfare affairs have been managed by the democratically elected Wa Ying College Student Union since 1992. The two subjects, Hong Kong Local History and Liberal Studies, were also introduced into the school curriculum long before they became fashionable in Hong Kong education.

In the upcoming introduction of new Senior Secondary Curriculum, Wa Ying College is one of the pioneer schools that offers Design and Applied Technology (DAT) as a technology-based elective, while most other schools offer the more common electives such as Finance and Information Technology related subjects at the initial stage [2]. And this brave take proved to be a huge success as in the first HKDSE exam cycle, the highest achieving DAT candidate was a student from Wa Ying College. However, due to the school's policy that no elective course should be offered with less than 10 students, no more DAT class has been opened after the first HKDSE exam cycle, despite some capable students with potential in the subject show great interest in reading the subject and intense opposition to the school's policy every year.

The school's teachers and students enjoy a very close-knit relationship together and there is a well known saying of "Once a Wa Ying member, forever you remain a Wa Ying member" (一日華英人,一生華英人。) among Wa Ying's students and alumni.

List of principals (Excluding Foshan Years)[edit]

  • Mr Fong Wing Cheong (1971–1989)
  • Miss Ho Seck Fun (1989–1995)
  • Mr Mak Chiu (1995–2004)
  • Mr Tsang Kai Man (Acting 2004-2006; 2006–2014)
  • Miss Lam Mei Yee (2014–2016)
  • Dr Wun Chi Wa (2016–)

External links[edit]

  • Wa Ying College, the official webpage of Wa Ying College now based in Hong Kong
  • Foshan No.1 Middle School, the publicly run secondary school in Foshan founded on the confiscated site of the former Foshan-based Wa Ying Middle School (in simplified Chinese)

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