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Waat is located in South Sudan
Location in South Sudan
Coordinates: 8°9′25″N 32°10′0″E / 8.15694°N 32.16667°E / 8.15694; 32.16667Coordinates: 8°9′25″N 32°10′0″E / 8.15694°N 32.16667°E / 8.15694; 32.16667
Country  South Sudan
State Eastern Bieh
County Nyirol County
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)
Climate Aw

Waat is a village in South Sudan. It is located in Nyirol County, Eastern Bieh, in the northeastern part of South Sudan. Before the reorganisation of states in 2015, it was part of Jonglei state. It is connected by road to Faddoi just to the southeast [1]


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