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Windmill De Hoop
Windmill De Hoop
Coordinates: 52°43′27″N 6°45′1″E / 52.72417°N 6.75028°E / 52.72417; 6.75028
Country Netherlands
Province Drenthe
Municipality Coevorden
Population (1 January 2004) 280

Wachtum is a village located in the municipality of Coevorden, within the Dutch province of Drenthe. Wachtum is collectively cultivated by roughly 280 villagers.

The village is home to a windmill, which its villagers refer to as De Hoop. Originally, it was built as a drainage mill for a polder in Veendam, Groningen.[1] In 1894 it was moved to Wachtum where the villagers began utilizing it to produce animal feed.


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Coordinates: 52°43′N 6°45′E / 52.717°N 6.750°E / 52.717; 6.750