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The Wack Pack is the name given to an assortment of personalities heard throughout the history of The Howard Stern Show, American entertainment talk radio show. As a parody of the Rat Pack or Brat Pack, they are considered part of what the radio show became notable for.[1] Members tend to be unusual in some way such as being blatantly racist, mentally disabled, having a comical appearance, voice or ability. As of 2016, twenty four living individuals are designated "Wack Packers" (along with sixteen deceased).[2] Not every regular guest on or caller to the show is considered a member, nor are any of the show's staff members; Stern has stated that Wack Packers are not defined by having any disability or peculiarity, but by their inability to understand why they are funny.

Through their appearances on the radio show, some Wack Packers have gained notoriety for personal appearances around the country and occasionally, played roles in films and television programs.[3]


In the 1993 book Private Parts, Howard Stern lists early members of the Wack Pack, including Irene the Leather Weather Lady, who is essentially the first Wack Packer, having met Stern in May 1980 when he was broadcasting from WWWW in Detroit, Michigan.[4][5] Upon the introduction of Fred the Elephant Boy on the radio show on November 28, 1988, among a collection of others, Stern began calling the group of show personalities the "Wack Pack" on July 6, 1990, as documented Stern's The History of Howard Stern radio series. Since moving to Sirius XM Radio, Stern has offered some members of the Wack Pack their own shows.[6]

Official list

On February 24, 2015 Stern and crew voted on an "official" list of Wack Pack members.[2]

Living Wack Packers

The following individuals were determined as official Wack Pack members:

  • Angry Alice (formerly Crazy Alice)
  • Asian Pete
  • Ass Napkin Ed
  • Beetlejuice, named "Greatest Wack Packer of All Time"[7] (Lester Green)
  • Bigfoot (Mark Shaw, Jr.)
  • Fred the Elephant Boy (Fred Schreiber)
  • Gary the Conqueror (formerly Gary the Retard) (Gary Loudermilk)
  • Hanzi (Imran Khan) (permanently banned from show, April 2016)
  • High Pitch Erik (Erik Bleaman)
  • Jeff the Drunk (also known as Jeff the Bore)
  • Jeff the Vomit Guy (Jeff Levy)
  • John the Stutterer (Not to be confused with Stuttering John Melendez)
  • Mark the Bagger (Mark Rothenberger)
  • Medicated Pete
  • Melrose Larry Green
  • Miss Howard Stern (Andrea Ownbey)
  • Mick the Nerd
  • Monotone Matt
  • Nicole Bass
  • Siobhan the Transsexual
  • Sour Shoes (Michael DelCampo)
  • Tan Mom (Patricia Krentcil)
  • Suzanne "Underdog Lady" Muldowney
  • Wendy the Slow Adult (formerly Wendy the Retard)

Deceased Wack Packers

The following individuals were determined to be Wack Pack members prior to their death:

  • Bigfoot (Matthew McGrory)
  • Blue Iris
  • Celestine
  • Cliff Palate (also known as Lispy Lynn to North Texas listeners) (Lynn Zimmermann)
  • Debbie the Space Alien (Debbie Roach)
  • Fran the Singing Psychic (Frances Baskerville)
  • George "Crackhead Bob" Harvey
  • Eric the Actor (formerly Eric the Midget)
  • Fruity Nutcake (formerly Rappin' Granny)
  • Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf (Henry J. Nasiff, Jr.)
  • Irene the Leather Weather Lady (Irene De Cook)
  • Joe Cancer
  • Joey Boots (Joseph Bassolino) [8][9][10]
  • Kenneth Keith Kallenbach
  • Riley Martin
  • Ted the Janitor (Ted Green)

"Not Wack Pack Material"

The following individuals were at one time considered Wack Pack members; however, in 2015, they were excluded by Stern and his staff from the Wack Pack:

  • Angry Black
  • Big Black
  • Bobo (Steve Bowie)
  • Captain Janks (Tom Cipriano)
  • Daniel Carver
  • Evil David Letterman (also known as Evil Dave)
  • Eddie the Produce Guy
  • Gay Ramone
  • Ham Hands Bill
  • Hate Man
  • Hate Woman
  • The Iron Sheik
  • The Kielbasa Queen (Denise Miller)
  • King of All Blacks (Lawrence Coward)[11]
  • Mariann from Brooklyn (Mariann Tepedino)
  • Speech Impediment Man
  • Vin the Retard
  • Wheelchair Steve
  • Wood Yi
  • Yucko the Clown


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