FC Wacker Innsbruck

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FC Wacker Innsbruck
FC Wacker Innsbruck logo.svg
Full name Fußballclub Wacker Innsbruck
Founded 1915
Dissolved 1999
League Austrian Bundesliga
1992–93 5th

FC Wacker Innsbruck was Austrian association football club from Innsbruck, Tyrol.


The Fußball-Club Wacker ("Valiant") Innsbruck was established in 1915 by Jakob Hanspeter, Benedikt Hosp, Josef Leitner, Josef Albrecht and other now unknown football enthusiasts and adopted club colours of black and green. After a few years playing friendlies against other Innsbruck sides, the club was put on hiatus until 1918 because of the interruption of the First World War. In 1964 the club participated the first time in Austria’s A-Liga, today’s Bundesliga, winning its first championship in 1971.

On 20 July 1971 FC Wacker Innsbruck and SV Wattens, also playing in Austrian first division, merged to form a single team called SpG Swarovski Wattens-Innsbruck (SSW Innsbruck) in order to focus the football power of Tyrol better. The union applied only to the professional footballers – the junior sides of both teams carried on as part of their original clubs. SSW Innsbruck won the Austrian Championship five times and reached the quarterfinals in the European Cup in 1977–78.

In 1981 SSW Innsbruck was relegated the first time and in 1986 the club was renamed FC Wacker Innsbruck. After the new club FC Swarovski Tirol took over the license of the club, FC Wacker Innsbruck was forced to play in the eighth division, quickly managing to reach the fourth division in 1992. In the same year the FC Swarovski was dissolved and Wacker regained the Bundesliga license and access to the UEFA Cup 1992–93. They nevertheless played in the Bundesliga only for one season, as in 1993 the FC Tirol Innsbruck was formed, to which FC Wacker again lost its license. In 1999 the club, meanwhile playing in the seventh division, finally folded.


European cup history[edit]

QF = Quarterfinal

Season Competition Round Country Club Home Away Aggregate
1977–78 European Cup 1 Switzerland Basel 0–1 1–3 3–2
2 Scotland Celtic 3–0 2–1 4–2
QF Germany Borussia Mönchengladbach 3–1 2–0 3–3[1]
1992–93 UEFA Cup[2] 1 Italy Roma 1–4 0–1 1–5
  1. ^ Gladbach progressed on away goals
  2. ^ as successor of FC Swarovski Tirol