Wacky Wednesday (book)

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Wacky Wednesday
Wacky Wednesday book cover.jpg
Author Theo. LeSieg
Series I Can Read It All By Myself Beginner Books Series[1]
Publisher Random House Children's Books[1]
Publication date
September 28, 1974[1] (renewed 2002)
Media type Print (Hardcover and paperback)
ISBN 9780394829128 [1]

Wacky Wednesday is a book for young readers, written by Dr. Seuss as Theo. LeSieg and illustrated by George Booth. It has forty-eight pages,[1] and is based around a world of progressively wackier occurrences where kids can point out that there's a banana tree growing in the toilet, an earthworm chasing a robin, a plane flying upside-down, and a tiger chauffeur, as a few examples.


The main character, a child, wakes up to find a shoe on the wall; then he looks up to find one on the ceiling as well. With each new page the number of "wacky" things grows, as the child goes through his morning routine and makes it to school, trying to alert others to the wacky occurrences. His classmates ignore his warnings and his teacher thinks he's disrupting the class and throws him out.

As the world gets crazier and crazier, the child runs around trying to escape it or find help, and eventually runs into Patrolman McGann, who says Wacky Wednesday will end as soon as every last wacky thing has been counted—the final page having 20 in total.

This does the trick, and eliminates the shoe on the wall.

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