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Wadham College Boat Club
The flag of Wadham College
Oxford boathouse 1.jpg
Image showing the rowing club's blade colours
Wadham College boathouse (right)
(building shared with St Hugh's & St Anne's) and the rowing blade
Coordinates51°44′19.3″N 1°14′47.0″W / 51.738694°N 1.246389°W / 51.738694; -1.246389Coordinates: 51°44′19.3″N 1°14′47.0″W / 51.738694°N 1.246389°W / 51.738694; -1.246389
Home waterIsis
Foundedc. 1837
Key people
  • Eloise Stark (Co-president)
  • Jackson Cooper-Driver (Co-president)
  • Aidan Gallagher (Men's Captain)
  • Jovana Pepic (Women's Captain)
UniversityUniversity of Oxford
AffiliationsBritish Rowing (boat code WAD)
Christ's College BC (Sister college)

Wadham College Boat Club (WCBC) is the rowing club of Wadham College, Oxford, in Oxford, United Kingdom. The club's members are students and staff from Wadham College and Harris Manchester College. Founded some time before 1837, Wadham has had success both within Oxford and externally in regattas such as Henley Royal Regatta.

The boat club is based in its boathouse on the Isis, which is shared with St Anne's College Boat Club and St Hugh's College Boat Club.


The first official record of the boat club’s existence appears in 1837 when the club was officially constituted. The Wadham 1st Eight competed in the first ever race of the Grand Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta in 1839, and narrowly lost to Trinity College, Cambridge. This defeat would be avenged in the next decade when, in 1849, Wadham raced Trinity, Cambridge and Oriel College in the Ladies' Challenge Plate and the Grand Challenge Cup on successive days. Wadham won both races with Trinity as the runner up and Oriel in a distant third.[1] It is from this defeat of Trinity that Wadham claimed its traditional right to wear Cambridge Blue as its boating colors, and to this day the 1st Eight Blazers and Ties continue this tradition.[2]

By 1897 Wadham College had emulated the example of the rest of the colleges and invested in a permanent Wadham Barge to serve as a rowing base on the Isis.[3] A new boathouse was built in 1989, and is now shared with St. Anne's and St. Hugh's colleges.

The year 1974 saw the first admission of women to the College, and in 1975 a women’s team was official created. The first year of the women’s club was extraordinarily successful, and the women dominated the university by winning the Christ Church Regatta and the Lady Margaret Hall Regatta. In 1976 a women’s division was added to the Summer Eights schedule, and following a random draw which placed the Wadham women at 3rd on the river they immediately bumped up to second and first on successive days, and then rowed over on the Friday and Saturday to claim the first Women’s Head of the River.[4]

Recent form[edit]

The Wadham men training on the Godstow Stretch

In recent years the Women of Wadham have achieved great successes in and out of Oxford rowing. Within college rowing the women won the Eights headship in 2014 after bumping St John's College, and also gained the Torpids headship in 2015. W2 remains the highest second boat on the river, and currently enjoys a strong position in Division III alongside other colleges' first boats. External successes include W1 racing at Women's Henley in 2014, and a number of other external races where W1 has raced and defeated university first boats.


Wadham Rowers compete in the 'Alpe du Dark Lane'

Membership in the boat club is open to all students and staff of Wadham College and Harris Manchester College.


The Wadham men at Bedford Regatta 2010


Men's boats

  • 2014 Filippi 8+ "Kristanne Claire"
  • 2005 Filippi 8+ "The Remenham Club"
  • 2002 Sims 8+ "Sir Christopher Wren"
  • 1996 Janousek 8+ "Spirit of Nelson"
  • 1998 Janousek 4+ "Omega"
The Wadham women, Summer Eights 2009

Women's boats

Small boats

Team Ergs in the Erg Room

Ergometer room[edit]

The boat club has a dedicated ergometer room in Wadham College with 8 concept2 ergometers and 2 RowPerfect indoor rowers.

Training locations[edit]

The bulk of novice and lower boat water training occurs on the Isis out of Wadham's boathouse. The Senior squads typically train with their top two boats on the Godstow stretch of the Thames near the Trout Inn.

Social life[edit]

Wadham M1 at the Boat Club Dinner

Wadham rowers enjoy a varied and exciting social life within the club.

Notable Wadham rowers[edit]

D.Wauchope 1849 (Bow) G.B.Stewart 1986 (Str) F.B.A.Cotterell 1977 (2) A.Kukla 1980 (Bow) D.Boulter 1985 (7) P.M.Banham 2000 (5) C.E.Knape 1985 (Str)
J.T.Thorley 1856 (Str) S.Brown 1980 (Cox) L.Girvin 1980 (2) A.J.Booth 1986 (7) T. Hackler 2011 D.C.Mountain 1986 (3)
J.T.Thorley 1857 (Str) J.Bond 1980 A.R.Edwards 1989 (7) P.M.Banham 2001 (4) D.C.Mountain 1987 (7, President)
J.T.Thorley 1858 (Str) L.M.Cribb 1980 (2) A.L.Roberts 1989 (6) A.J.Roberts 2002 (7) H.M.E.Byrne 1990 (3)
H.R.Medlicote 1861 (3) S.B.Herring 1981 (Bow) J.C.Goulden 1990 (Cox) A.E.Hammacher 2003 (7) H.M.E.Byrne 1991 (7)
W.Robertson 1861 (4) A.L.Wood 1987 (Str) C.A.Tuer 1991 (7) A.E.Hammacher 2004 (7) S.Pannell 1995 (Cox)
S.O.Bridsdale 1861 (Cox) M.J.Lawford 1988 (Str) K.Thornton 1995 (4) O.J.Lough 2007 (Bow) C.Chadwick 1997 (2)
C.R.Carr 1862 (7) A.R.Edwards 1990 (5) P.Coates 1999 (7) O.Dicks 2011 (4) C.Chadwick 1997 (2)
C.R.Carr 1863 (7) S.Waldron 2002 (6) L.J.Ventress 2009 (7) T.Hackler 2012 (5) Mr T.J.Ryder 2000 (Cox)
W.R.A.Lambert 1874 (Cox) S.Waldron 2003 (5) J.van Campen 2010 (5) N.A.J.Thomas 2000 (7)
W.St.L.Robertson 1886 (3) S.Waldron 2004 (7, President) N.E.R.Beveridge 2006 (3)
T.A.Cook 1889 (3) R.J.Pawley 2012 (6) K.M.Taylor 2007 (Str)
G.C.Drinkwater 1902 (Bow) M.Badcott 2015 (5) K.M.Taylor 2008 (6, President)
G.C.Drinkwater 1903 (7) M.Badcott 2016 (7, President) A. Robotham 2016 (Bow)
R.H.Owen 1910 (2)
T.S.Swayze 1960 (3)
C.P.Berners-Lee 1979 (Cox)
Sue Brown 1981 (Cox)
Sue Brown 1982 (Cox)
G.B.Stewart 1987 (Str)
G.B.Stewart 1988 (6)
Year Men's Captains Women's Captains
2006/2007 Matt Bull Lucy Ventress
2007/2008 Tom Raynor Steph Poulier
2008/2009 Andrew Brown Mary Gallagher
2009/2010 Paul Wikramaratna Gabriel Lambert
2010/2011 John Owen Lauren Pringle; Hannah Tickle; Hannah Nugent
2011/2012 Russ Tucker Nora Spicer
2012/2013 Niccolo Torrigiani Hannah Lewis
2013/2014 Tom Johnes Steph Hall
2014/2015 Joe Emsley Lia Orlando
2015/2016 James Évry Joseph Reason
2016/2017 James Évry (June-Jan)

Nicolas Basty (Jan-June)

Olivia Weatherhead
2017/2018 Jacob Scorey Francesca Murphy
2018/2019 Jackson Cooper-Driver Kate Aston and Zara Shepherd-Brierley
2019/2020 Aidan Gallagher Jovana Pepić
2020/2021 Morten Lindholt Pahus Charlotte Bogle


Henley Royal Regatta[edit]

Year Races won
1849 Grand Challenge Cup, Ladies' Challenge Plate
1908 Thames Challenge Cup
1909 Thames Challenge Cup


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