Wadi Dhaiqah

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Wadi Dhaiqah is a wadi, or dry river bed, in a canyon about 90 kilometers east of the Bait Hattat (Wadi Adei) roundabout in Muscat, Oman.

As many as 120 other wadis lead to this valley, which contains a natural park extending from Wilayat Dima W'attayyeen in the Sharqiyah region to the Wilayat of Qurayyat in the Governorate of Muscat. Wadi Dhaiqah contains the fruit farms of Al Mazarea, and has been the focus of Omani government plans for a major irrigation project.the water is stored with a dam called Wadi Dhaiqah dam which is located on Qurayyat - Sur highways road.


Wadi Dhaiqah may be easily reached from the highway, having an excellent roadways to be there in an hour time

Coordinates: 23°04′57″N 58°50′56″E / 23.082366°N 58.848835°E / 23.082366; 58.848835