Wadi Og

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Wadi Og

Wadi Og (Hebrew: נחל אוג‎, Arabic: وادي مكلك‎) is a winterbourne stream near the kibbutz and Israeli settlement Almog. It runs for 30 km from Jerusalem till the Dead Sea.[1]

Wadi Og is the northernmost of the streams that flow from the Judaean Desert into the Dead Sea.[2] The stream drains the slopes of the Mount of Olives, Mount Scopus and Abu Dis in Jerusalem at 800 m above sea level and descends till the Dead Sea at 400 m below sea level.[3] The steepness of the stream results in heavy flooding during the winter,[2] and in the past, parts of Highway 90 have been swept away.[4][5] The stream sweeps mud and debris along with the water and sometimes during flooding times it is possible to see a trail of mud, hundreds of meters long, in the waters of the Dead Sea. The stream also passes by Nabi Musa. At the end of the stream, a reservoir was built which stores waters from the floods and is used by Almog.[6]

The name of the stream is derived from the local sumac plant (Rhus tripartita), that grows in the wadi, which is named Og in Hebrew.[1][3]

Panorama of Wadi Og from Og Lookout


Coordinates: 31°46′39″N 35°25′40″E / 31.7775°N 35.4278°E / 31.7775; 35.4278