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Wadjmose in hieroglyphs
M14 F31 S29

W3ḏ ms
Prince Wadjmose seated on the lap of his tutor Paheri (de; es)

Wadjmose was an ancient Egyptian prince of the 18th dynasty; a son of Pharaoh Thutmose I.[1]


He is likely to have been born a few years before his father ascended the throne. He had a brother named Amenmose; it is disputed who their mother was. If they were born to Queen Ahmose, they were full brothers of Hatshepsut and Neferubity.[1] On the other hand, Wadjmose may have been the son of Queen Mutnofret and thus a full brother of Thutmose II.[2]

Wadjmose is depicted in the El-Kab tomb of himself and Amenmose's tutor Paheri (de; es), as sitting on Paheri's lap. He is thought to have predeceased his father.[1] Wadjmose and another prince named Ramose were mentioned in the Theban funerary chapel of Thutmose I where Queen Mutnofret is also included.[2] This chapel may have been erected during the reign of Thutmose II between the places where later the mortuary temple of Thutmose IV and the Ramesseum were built. A statue of Mutnofret was found here, making it likely that she was his mother.[1]

Wadjmose's name occurs written in a cartouche, which is quite rare for princes.[3]


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