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Sir Wadsworth Busk (3 January 1730 – 15 December 1811) was Attorney-General of the Isle of Man from 1774 to 1797. He was knighted in 1781.

He entered Middle Temple in 1744 and was called to the bar in 1755.

After his career as attorney-general, he became Treasurer of Middle Temple.[1]


He was the son of Swedish wool merchant Jacob Hans Busck who was naturalised British, and Rachel Wadsworth.

He married Alice Parish in January 1756; she died in an accident in 1776. He was the father of Hans Busk. His older brother, also named Hans Busk (1718–1792), was an ancestor of Baron Houghton.

He married his second wife Sara in 1787; she died in 1819.[2]

He was grandfather of the scientist George Busk.[3]


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