Wadwicz coat of arms

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Herb Wadwicz.jpg
Alternative namesWadwic
Earliest mention1404
FamiliesAdamkiewicz, Adamkowicz, Ancewicz, Anglicki, Borejsza, Boski, Kamieniecki, Łodziata, Łojba, Matyaszewicz, Mężyk, Mondigird, Mondigirdowicz, Mondygiert, Mongird, Monkierski, Montygerd, Montygerdowicz, Montygierd, Nadarzyński, Naruszewicz, Okuszkowicz, Roska, Roski, Roszkiewicz, Stankiewicz, Stankowski, Stańkowski, Wadwicz, Wandałowicz, Węcławowicz, Węcławski, Węsławowicz, Węsławski, Wirułowicz, Wołczek

Wadwicz is a Polish coat of arms. It was used by several szlachta families in the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.[1]


Wawdicz coat of arms in Baranow-Sandomierski castle

A knight called Wadwicz was dispatched twice in a delegation by King Boleslaw Krywousty or "Wrymouth," 1102-1138. While returning the second time this knight was plunged into the depths during a storm at sea, and he drowned. In reward for his services King Boleslaw bestowed this shield upon his successors.


Notable bearers[edit]

Notable bearers of this coat of arms include:

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