Wael Abdul Latif

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Wael Abdul Latif (born c. 1950) is an Iraqi politician from the secular Iraqi National List coalition. He was the Minister of Provincial Affairs in the Iraqi Interim Government created following the coalition 2003 invasion of Iraq.

A Shia Muslim, he trained as a lawyer in Baghdad and served as a judge since the 1980s, including as head judge in Nasiriyah and deputy head judge in Basra. He was imprisoned for a year under Saddam Hussein's regime.[1]

In July 2003, he was appointed governor of Basra and was a member of the Iraqi Governing Council from July 2003 until June 2004. He was a member of the committee that drafted the Constitution of Iraq.

He was elected to the Council of Representatives of Iraq in the Iraqi legislative election of December 2005 as part of the Iraqi National List coalition.