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All divisions in the Waffen-SS were ordered in a single series of numbers as formed, regardless of type.[1] Those tagged with nationalities were at least nominally recruited from those nationalities. Many of the higher-numbered units were small battlegroups (Kampfgruppen), i.e., divisions in name only.

Waffen-SS divisions by number[edit]

Number Division Name
(in German)
Ethnic Origin Last Commander Years Active Insignia Maximum Manpower
1st Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler Germans SS-Brigadeführer
Otto Kumm
1933–1945 1. SS-Panzer-Division Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler.svg 10,796 (1941)[1]
2nd Das Reich Germans SS-Standartenführer
Karl Kreutz
1939–1945 SS-Panzer-Division symbol.svg 19,021 (1941)[1]
3rd Totenkopf Germans SS-Brigadeführer
Hellmuth Becker
1939–1945 3rd SS Division Logo.svg 19,754 (1941)[1]
4th Polizei Germans SS-Oberführer
Walter Harzer
1940–1945 4. SS-Polizei-Panzergrenadier-Division.svg 17,347 (1941)[1]
5th Wiking Germans and volunteers from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, the Netherlands and Flanders SS-Oberführer
Karl Ullrich
1940–1945 5th SS Division Logo.svg 19,377 (1941)[1]
6th Nord Germans SS-Standartenführer
Franz Schreiber
1941–1945 6th SS Division Logo.svg 10,573 (1941)[1]
7th Prinz Eugen Germans and ethnic Germans from Banat, Croatia, Hungary and Romania SS-Brigadeführer
August Schmidthuber
1942–1945 7th SS Division Logo.svg 21,120 (1943)
8th Florian Geyer Germans and ethnic Germans from Siebenbürgen (Transylvania) and Banat (Serbia). SS-Brigadeführer
Joachim Rumohr
1941–1945 8th SS Division Logo.svg 13,000 (1944)
9th Hohenstaufen Germans SS-Brigadeführer
Sylvester Stadler
1943–1945 9th SS Division Logo.svg 19,611 (1943)
10th Frundsberg Germans SS-Obersturmbannführer
Franz Roestel
1943–1945 10th SS Division Logo.svg 19,313 (1943)
11th Nordland Primarily Nordic volunteers SS-Brigadeführer
Gustav Krukenberg
1943–1945 11. SS-Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier-Division „Nordland“.svg 11,749 (1943)
12th Hitlerjugend Germans SS-Brigadeführer
Hugo Kraas
1943–1945 12th SS Division Logo.svg 21,482 (1943)
13th Handschar
(Kroatische Nr. 1)
Bosniaks, Croats, Ethnic Germans from Croatia SS-Brigadeführer
Desiderius Hampel
1943–1945 13th SS Division Logo.svg 17,000 (1944)
14th Galizische Nr. 1 Ukrainians from Galicia General
Pavlo Shandruk
1944–1945 14. SS-Freiwilligen-Infanterie-Division „Galizien”.svg 22,000 (1944)
15th Lettische Nr. 1 Latvians SS-Brigadeführer
Karl Burk
1942–1945 15divss.svg 20,291 (1943)
16th Reichsführer-SS Germans SS-Oberführer
Otto Baum
1943–1945 16th SS Division Logo.svg 14,223 (1943)
17th Götz von Berlichingen Germans SS-Oberführer
Georg Bochmann
1943–1945 17th SS Division Logo.svg 18,354 (1944)
18th Horst Wessel Ethnic Germans from Hungary SS-Standartenführer
Heinrich Petersen
1944–1945 18th SS Division Logo.svg 11,000 (1944)
19th Lettische Nr. 2 Latvians SS-Gruppenführer
Bruno Streckenbach
1944–1945 19th SS Division Logo.svg 20,592 (1944)
20th Estnische Nr. 1 Estonians SS-Brigadeführer
Berthold Maack
1944–1945 20th SS Division Logo.svg 15,000 (1944)
21st Skanderbeg
(Albanische Nr. 1)
Albanians SS-Oberführer
August Schmidthuber
1944–1945 21st SS Division Logo.svg 9,156 (1944)
22nd Maria Theresia Ethnic Germans from Hungary SS-Brigadeführer
August Zehender
1944–1945 22nd SS Division Logo.svg 8,000 (1944)
23rd Kama
(Kroatische Nr. 2)
Croats and Bosniaks SS-Oberführer
Gustav Lombard
1944 23rd SS Division Logo.svg 2,199 (1944)
23rd Nederland
(Niederländische Nr. 1)
Dutch SS-Brigadeführer
Jürgen Wagner
1945 23adivss.gif 6,000 (1944)
24th Karstjäger Ethnic German volunteers from Italy and Slovenia SS-Oberführer
Adolf Wagner
1944–1945 24th SS Division Logo.svg 3,000 (1944)
25th Hunyadi
(Ungarische Nr. 1)
Hungarians SS-Gruppenführer
Josef Grassy
1944–1945 25th SS Division Logo.svg 15,000 (1944)
26th Hungaria
(Ungarische Nr. 2)
Hungarians SS-Gruppenführer
Josef Grassy
1944–1945 26th SS Division Logo.svg 13,000 (1944)
27th Langemarck
(Flämische Nr. 1)
Flemish SS-Standartenführer
Thomas Müller
1944–1945 27. SS-Freiwilligen-Grenadier-Division „Langemarck“ (1. flämische).svg 7,000 (1944)
28th Wallonien Walloons SS-Standartenführer
Léon Degrelle
1944–1945 28. SS-Freiwilligen-Grenadier-Division, „Wallonien”.svg 4,000 (1944)
29th RONA
(Russische Nr. 1)
Russian-speaking citizens of USSR SS-Brigadeführer
Christoph Diehm
1944 29. Waffen-SS- Grenadier-Division „Rona” (1. russisch).svg 15,000 (1943)
29th Italienische Nr. 1 Italians SS-Oberführer
Erwin Tzschoppe
1945 29. Waffen-SS-Grenadier-Division („Italia“).svg 15,000 (1944)
30th Russische Nr. 2 aka Weißruthenische Nr. 1 Belarusians SS-Standartenführer
Hans Siegling
1944–1945 30th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS.svg 11,000 (1944)
31st Batschka Ethnic Germans mostly from Bačka SS-Brigadeführer
Gustav Lombard
1944–1945 31divss.gif 11,000 {1944}
32nd 30. Januar Germans SS-Standartenführer
Hans Kempin
1945 32. SS-Freiwilligen-Grenadier-Division „30. Januar”.svg
33rd Ungarische Nr. 3 Hungarians SS-Oberführer
László Deák
1945 Coats of arms of None.svg
33rd Karl der Große
(Französische Nr. 1)
French SS-Standartenführer
Walter Zimmermann
1945 33. SS-Waffen-Grenadier-Division „Charlemagne”.svg 11,000 (1944)
34th Landstorm Nederland
(Niederländische Nr. 2)
Dutch SS-Oberführer
Martin Kohlroser
1945 34th SS Division Logo.svg
35th Polizei-Grenadier Germans Oberst
Ruediger Pipkorn
1945 35divss.svg
36th Dirlewanger Germans, Ukrainians, Russians SS-Brigadeführer
Fritz Schmedes
1945 Dirlewanger Crossed Grenades symbol.svg 4,000 (1945)
37th Lützow Hungarians SS-Standartenführer
Karl Gesele
1945 Symbol of the 37. SS-Freiwilligen-Kavallerie-Division.svg
38th Nibelungen Germans SS-Standartenführer
Martin Stange
1945 38divss.gif 6,000


Number Division Name
(in German)
Ethnic Origin Last Commander Years Active Insignia Maximum Manpower
A temporary unit of mixed Heer and SS-Verfügungstruppe components.
Germans General der Panzertruppe
Werner Kempf
1939 Coats of arms of None.svg 164–180 tanks
A separate unit formed from training units in Bohemia and Moravia.
Karl Hermann Frank
1944–1945 Coats of arms of None.svg
1st Kosaken Nr. 1 Russians Generalleutnant
Helmuth von Pannwitz
1943–1945 1st Cossacks Division.svg 17,500

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Notes and references[edit]

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