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Waffle Crisp

Waffle Crisp is a breakfast cereal made by Post Foods, which contains maple syrup-flavored corn cereal bits in a waffle shape. It was first launched in 1996. In 2013, Post introduced a lower-priced version of the cereal, "Waffle Crunch," as part of their Good MOREnings line of budget cereals.


The original Waffle Crisp mascots were a group of elderly women, dubbed "grannies", who purportedly cooked each individual piece as if it were an actual, miniature-sized waffle.[1] Most of the commercials for Waffle Crisp from the late 1990s featured preteen kids attempting to break into the (surprisingly high-tech) factory to steal the cereal's secret recipe or, at the very least, get a large quantity of Waffle Crisp for themselves (in other words, steal one box of this cereal).[2]

The next mascot was an anthropomorphic waffle with red tennis shoes dubbed "Waffle Boy". He defends the cereal against a cartoon villain known as Professor Burnt Toast.[3]

Waffle Crisp appeared in an episode of the television sitcom, "Friends", where the main character, Joey, is seen reading a box while sitting in his lazy boy.

Video games[edit]

Postopia.com, Post's official website for children, created a Waffle Boy-themed video game called Waffle Boy's Extreme Bike Mountain Adventure. It takes place in the jungle where Professor Burnt Toast has stolen the Precious Waffle Crisp, and Waffle Boy goes to retrieve it. A sequel game was made, entitled Waffle Boy's Jungle Adventure. In this game, Professor Burnt Toast has created a machine that will destroy it all.

However, Waffle Boy was later replaced in the video game series by a dinosaur named "Bronk", and its plot involves him protecting the secret existence of a fictional race of dinosaurs dubbed as "platosaurs".


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