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A pile of crinkle-cut McCoys Crisps
Crinkle cut sweet potato fries as a side, often referred to as "wavy fries"
Cheeseburger with "cross-cut" waffle fries

Crinkle-cutting means cutting so the result is corrugated (forms regular waves). One can do this with specialized knives or mandoline. It is frequently used for potato chips, and (in that context especially) is also referred to as ruffled, by analogy with the ruffle, a strip of fabric often gathered, creating regular folds. It is also commonly used for french fries or sweet potato fries. Thin fries are often referred to as waffle cut fries while the long version with wavy sides are often referred to as wavy fries.

Waffle fries[edit]

Pommes gaufrettes or waffle fries are crisps obtained by quarter-turning the potato before each next slide over a grater and deep-frying just once.[1]

Also known as "criss-cross fries" are thick slices of potato they are cut into a criss-cross pattern by quarter turning the potato before each slide over a grater. The waffle cut potatoes are then deep fried, and often seasoned (similar to curly fries). Apart from their shape, unseasoned waffle fries are similar to French fries.



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