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Waggoners' Walk was a soap opera which was broadcast from 28 April 1969 until 30 May 1980 on BBC Radio 2. It was transmitted in the form of 15-minute episodes on weekday afternoons. In early 1980, shortly before the decision was made to end it, the series gained a Sunday omnibus edition on Radio 2 medium wave.

It was set in an area of Hampstead with most storylines involving the various tenants of No 1 Waggoners' Walk, a large town house divided into several flats. Characters featured in the series included Rupert "Rusty" Vaughan, original owner of No 1, newspaper editor Mike Nash and his wife, Claire, who bought the house in late 1969, and Lynn and Matt Prior, who ran a local restaurant. When the BBC, as part of cost savings ended the series in 1980, the Corporation rejected a request from Capital Radio to take it over. Actors who performed in the series included the Australian actor Barry Creyton and Carole Boyd. The series was created by Jill Hyem and Alan Downer and written by (amongst others) Peter Ling.[1]


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