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The following is a list of public housing estates in Fanling Town, Hong Kong, including Home Ownership Scheme (HOS), Private Sector Participation Scheme (PSPS), Sandwich Class Housing Scheme (SCHS), Flat-for-Sale Scheme (FFSS), and Tenants Purchase Scheme (TPS) estates.


Name Type Inaug. No Blocks No Units Notes
Cheong Shing Court 昌盛苑 HOS 2000 3 1,280
Cheung Wah Estate 祥華邨 TPS 1984 10 2,471
Ka Fuk Estate 嘉福邨 Public 1994 3 2,045
Ka Shing Court 嘉盛苑 HOS 1995 4 2,432
King Shing Court 景盛苑 HOS 1995 4 2,432
Wah Ming Estate 華明邨 Public 1990 7 2,476
Wah Sum Estate 華心邨 Public 1995 2 1,481
Wing Fai Centre 榮輝中心 PSPS 1996 4 1,350
Wing Fok Centre 榮福中心 PSPS 1994 6 1,680
Yan Shing Court 欣盛苑 HOS 1993 7 2,450
Yung Shing Court 雍盛苑 Public/HOS 2000 3 2,500


Cheong Shing Court[edit]

Cheong Shing Court

Cheong Shing Court is an HOS housing estate in Fanling Town, near Wah Ming Estate and Yung Shing Court. It has 3 blocks built in 2000.

Name[1] Type Completion
Cheong Ching House (Block A) Concord 2000
Cheong Siu House (Block B)
Cheong To House (Block C)
Cheong Yun House (Block D)

Cheung Wah Estate[edit]

Cheung Wah Estate

Cheung Wah Estate (Chinese: 祥華邨) is a TPS estate, and the first public estate in Fanling Town.[2] It has 10 residential blocks completed between 1984 and 1986. Some of the flats were sold to tenants through Tenants Purchase Scheme Phase 6A in 2004.[3] A secondary school, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Li Ka Shing College, is located in the estate.

Name[4] Type Completion
Cheung Lai House Old Slab 1984
Cheung Chung House
Cheung Shun House Double H
Cheung King House
Cheung Fung House
Cheung Yue House
Cheung Wo House
Cheung Lok House
Cheung Tak House Trident 2 1986
Cheung Chi House

Ka Fuk Estate[edit]

Ka Fuk Estate

Ka Fuk Estate (Chinese: 嘉福邨) is located near Fanling Highway.[5][6] It consists of 3 residential buildings built in 1994.

Name[7] Type Completion
Fuk Lok House Harmony 1 1994
Fuk On House
Fuk Tai House Harmony 3

Ka Shing Court[edit]

Ka Shing Court

Ka Shing Court (Chinese: 嘉盛苑) is an HOS housing estate in Fanling Town, near Ka Fuk Estate. It has 4 blocks built in 1995.[8]

Name[9] Type Completion
Ka Ming House Harmony 1995
Ka Fai House
Ka Yiu House
Ka Yeung House

King Shing Court[edit]

King Shing Court

King Shing Court (Chinese: 景盛苑) is an HOS housing estate in Fanling Town, near Wah Sum Estate. It has totally 4 blocks built in 1995.

Name[9] Type Completion
Foon King House Harmony 1995
Chun King House
Yan King House
Yin King House

Wah Ming Estate[edit]

Wah Ming Estate

Wah Ming Estate (華明邨) is located in Wo Hop Shek. They were sold in the TPS of Hong Kong Housing Authority in March 1993.

Name[10] Type[10] Completion[10]
Lai Ming House Trident 3 1990
Shun Ming House
Tim Ming House
Yiu Ming House
Chung Ming House Harmony 4
Fu Ming House
Hong Ming House

Wah Sum Estate[edit]

Wah Sum Estate

Wah Sum Estate (Chinese: 華心邨) is situated in Wo Hop Shek[5] consisting of 2 residential buildings built in 1995.

Name[11] Type Completion
Wah Koon House Harmony 1 1995
Wah Min House

Wing Fai Centre[edit]

Wing Fai Centre

Wing Fai Centre (Chinese: 榮輝中心) is a PSPS housing estate in Luen Wo Hui, Fanling Town, next to Wing Fok Centre.[12][13] It has totally 4 blocks built in 1996.

Name[14] Type Completion
Block 1 Private Sector Participation Scheme 1996
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4

Wing Fok Centre[edit]

Wing Fok Centre

Wing Fok Centre (Chinese: 榮福中心) is a PSPS housing estate in Luen Wo Hui, Fanling Town.[12][13] It has totally 6 blocks built in 1994.

Name[15] Type Completion
Block 1 Private Sector Participation Scheme 1994
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Block 5
Block 6

Yan Shing Court[edit]

Yan Shing Court

Yan Shing Court (Chinese: 欣盛苑) is an HOS housing estate in Fanling Town, near Flora Plaza, King Shing Court. It has totally 7 blocks built in 1993.[16]

Name[16] Type Completion
Yan Sau House NCB 1993
Yan Sau House
Yan Hei House
Yan Yuet House
Yan Yiu House
Yan Choi House
Yan Fai House

Yung Shing Court[edit]

Rental section
Rental or buy section

Yung Shing Court (Chinese: 雍盛苑) is an HOS housing estate[17] consisting of three residential buildings completed in 2000. Yung Sui House and Yung Wui House are for rental while Yung Wa House is for Buy or Rent Option.[18]

Name[19] Type Usage Completion
Yung Sui House Harmony 1 Rental 2000
Yung Wa House
Yung Wui House HOS

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