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Waharoa is a rural community 7 km north of Matamata in New Zealand. It is located at the railway junction of the Kinleith Branch railway with the East Coast Main Trunk Railway. State Highway 27 runs through the town.[1]

The Pa and Marae are the centre of the community.


The community of Waharoa is very close - most people are of a single iwi.


St Davids Church, Waharoa

There are two primary schools, Waharoa School and Te Kura O Waharoa, with the majority of pupils being Māori. There are fewer than 100 children at each.

Local businesses[edit]

There is a service station in Waharoa. There is also an airfield that serves Matamata. The Four Square store is open again; it is on the main road over from the public toilets. There are a few cafe's which serve fine hot beverages.

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Coordinates: 37°46′S 175°46′E / 37.767°S 175.767°E / -37.767; 175.767