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The waheela is a wolf-like cryptid reported from Nahanni Valley in the Northwest Territories of Canada. It has also been reported in areas of Michigan and Alaska.[1][2] Cryptozoologist Ivan Sanderson thought that the waheela might represent a relict population of amphicyonids, prehistoric bear-dogs (but which he incorrectly referred to as dire wolves, which were true members of the dog genus Canis, but not what the waheela is said to be).[3]

The waheela is similar to the shunka warakin, but inhabits a far more northern habitat. It is also similar to Amarok, a giant wolf from Inuit mythology. It is reported to travel in groups of two or three, and not in large packs as modern wolves do.

In popular culture[edit]

In the Incryptid novels by Seanan McGuire, the character Istas is a waheela therianthrope (a magical shapeshifter) that is a friend and ally of Verity Price, the novels' chief protagonist.[4]

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