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Type of business Private
Type of site
Social Networking
Available in English
Headquarters Austin and Minneapolis
Area served Worldwide
Key people Dana Severson (CEO)
Tony Holmes (CCO)
Connor Hood (COO)
Peter M. Elias (CTO)
Employees 5
Slogan(s) Influencers and Startups Connect.
Website wahooly.com
Alexa rank Negative increase 2,256,234 (April 2014)[1]
Users 28,000[citation needed]
Launched July 2012
Current status Inactive

Wahooly was a crowd funding company that introduced social networkers to startup websites, giving them an investment stake in return for promoting the new business. It launched in late 2011 through a partnership with Klout.[2] Described as "a group of socially-connected individuals that together, help launch startups."[3] They launched with 27,000 initial beta members and were looking to help accelerate the growth of 200 businesses in 2012.[4]


Dana Severson, founder of Wahooly, claims the name comes from the wahoo fish. “..it's the fastest fish in the world and it swims in schools. We're really based on collaboration and crowds. And, you know, we're accelerating the growth of startups.” [5]

Rebranding and Closure[edit]

Wahooly rebranded in May 2013 as Chasm.io.[6] Wahooly/Chasm.io closed in 2014 as announced in an e-mail sent on September 3, 2014. The e-mail included Severson's admission that a certain post on StartupsAnonymous was in reference to Wahooly/Chasm.io.


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