Waiau River (Canterbury)

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Waiau River upstream of Waiau Ferry Bridge.jpg
Waiau River upstream from the Waiau Ferry Bridge, near Hanmer Springs
Country New Zealand
Region Canterbury
District Hurunui
 - left Leader River
 - right Hope River
City Hanmer Springs, Waiau, Parnassus
Source Southern Alps
 - location Spenser Mountains, New Zealand
 - coordinates 42°6′39″S 172°38′42″E / 42.11083°S 172.64500°E / -42.11083; 172.64500
Mouth Pacific Ocean
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 42°46′15″S 172°22′45″E / 42.77083°S 172.37917°E / -42.77083; 172.37917Coordinates: 42°46′15″S 172°22′45″E / 42.77083°S 172.37917°E / -42.77083; 172.37917
Basin 3,310 km2 (1,278 sq mi)
NZ-Waiau R (Canterbury).png
Waiau River system
Wikimedia Commons: Waiau River, Canterbury
The Waiau river in November 2015

Waiau River is a river in north Canterbury on the South Island of New Zealand. The Waiau River rises in the Spenser Mountains and flows eastward to the Pacific Ocean. The Waiau River has the second largest catchment—3,310 square kilometres (1,280 sq mi)—of North Canterbury's rivers.[1]


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