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Ethnicity Wa people
Burma, China
Linguistic classification Austroasiatic
Glottolog waic1245[1]

The Waic languages are spoken in Shan State, Burma, in Northern Thailand and in Yunnan province, China.


Gérard Diffloth reconstructed Proto-Waic in a 1980 paper. His classification is as follows (Sidwell 2009). (Note: Individual languages are highlighted in italics.)

  • Waic
    • Samtau (later renamed "Blang" by Diffloth)
      • Samtau
    • Wa–Lawa–La
      • Wa proper
      • Lawa
        • Bo Luang
        • Umphal

The recently discovered Meung Yum and Savaiq languages[2][3] of Shan State, Burma also belong to the Wa language cluster.


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