Waipu District

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Coordinates: 24°19′47.5″N 120°39′14.8″E / 24.329861°N 120.654111°E / 24.329861; 120.654111

Waipu District in Taichung City
Waipu District
Waipu District office

Waipu District (Chinese: 外埔區; pinyin: Wàipǔ Qū) is a rural district in Taichung City, Taiwan. It has a population total of 31,868 and an area of 42.4099 square kilometres.And it is one of the greatest district in Taichung.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Yongfeng, Liufen, Datong, Datung, Sankan, Shuimei, Tieshan, Zhongshan, Maming, Tucheng and Buzi Village.[1]

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